VIDEO: Car crashes through Dick's Sporting Goods

Surveillance video shows shoppers running
Aug 4, 2014


If they'd left Dick's Sporting Goods just a few seconds sooner, two shoppers might not have escaped a potentially deadly situation unharmed.

When a car came barreling through the store's front entrance this past Thursday, it narrowly avoided two pedestrians outside, according to a surveillance video the Register obtained Monday from Perkins police.

Police provided two videos, both from inside the store.

One displays a wide-scale view of the entire store during the crash, while another shows a close-up of its front entrance.

It does not appear any other shoppers were near the car's path when it plowed through the store's center aisle and collided with its back wall.

Watch the video in the player below.

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lunchtime 175

that is old news, it happened last week. leave the poor old folks alone, I am sure they have been thru enough without pasting it all over the internet?

lunchtime 175

did anyone get the peoples permission to put the video on the internet?? Shame you have to put the old folks thru this stuff. They wrecked their car because of a health issue and you make it seem like they did something worse??

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

Lunchtime 175, it's a public record, and we have reported that the man crashed his car because he likely suffered from a medical condition.


Quit trippin' lunchtime. It is news and no permission is needed. You can do something wrong without intent. Anything to whine about the SR. Grow up!


Shame on horrible driving.


Look in the bright side, now there is drive thru.


Look in the bright side, No One Got Hurt or Killed Thank God!! Any updates on the Man? I know it was a Medical issue but hope he is alright also. and any updates on How long Dicks will be Closed? or have they re-opened This is the kind of news we would like to hear. Thx

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

We have already reported that the store reopened the day after the incident, and the man was in good condition.

I'm working on another update for later today. Thanks for your interest.


Thank you for covering this story. This was a family member of mine and they are a little banged up at this time but at home and safe. He doesn't remember anything that happened but his wife is sick and couldn't do anything to help but she remebers the whole thing. Other than that, that's about all i have been told by my family. I'm not upset about the video. I understand that it's public record and you can post it. Again thank you for what you do and I enjoy reading your newspaper!!


The two people walking out of the store were seconds away from being killed. Pretty scary when you watch it and see how close those two were to the car at contact with the doors.


I thought the same thing. The car was really moving fast!


drove past today. how did they get between those giant balls out front?

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

It knocked one completely out of its foundation. It was found inside the store.

lunchtime 175

does this give newspapers the right to post pictures of everything that happened anywhere involving a medical issue?????? I would not be suprised if the paper is sued for posting the video of the old people crashing thru the store. Come on people, isn't there more things to be concerned about like the drug traffic in sandusky and all the other crime going on every single day in sandusky???

Señor Clown

You really don't understand anything about law, do you?


I am sure if the SR had videos of drug deals they would post those too lunchtime! Relax!

Alissa Widman Neese's picture
Alissa Widman Neese

The video was given to police for investigative purposes, which makes it a public record. We can't be sued for obtaining a public record. 

Additionally, we publish a police blotter detailing every crime in Sandusky every day, and you don't have to look too far to find crime stories on our website. I published three this weekend alone.


The car drove up and over the balls outside of the entrance way. Also the store was up and open for business after just one day


Clean up at register 2.

he said she said

Did anyone ever think that this could happen to you at any time and not just when you are older? The man had a medical condition and my money is on the fact that his wife never learned how to drive so she might not have any clue on what to do.

I don't think you need someone's permission to show a video of a public establishment. What about the video from PIB when the two young people were arrested? No one objected to that being posted.

I hope that the couple are okay. My thoughts are with them and their family.


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