Norwalk's water is safe, too

City officials say water isn't affected by algae
Sandusky Register
Aug 3, 2014


A Norwalk city official says the city's water is safe for drinking and other uses, and isn't affected by the algae that has contaminated Toledo's water supply.

The official said Norwalk's water is derived from a reservoir system, not the lake, therefore it isn't affected by algae.



Why isnt this post in the Reflector side.. Sometimes these posting just are properly placed in the correct area thats for sure.


Why would anybody be concerned about Norwalk's water supply, no where near the lake. Man, some people must really be at the panic stage.


Actually, Norwalk gets a lot of its water from Northern Ohio Rural Water (not sure how many gallons per day), who buys their water from communities along the lake. So yes, some of Norwalk's water does come from Lake Erie.

yea right

Some I'd 10 t said that snorwalk and Clyde would be affected. Truth be known. All them towns south of us all have reservoirs. Also heard it was to hit us by noon today. Yea right. Damn rumor mills.

yea right

BTW Abe Lincoln is in town. He is staying at cast away bay.


Side note: Years ago local factories in Norwalk by mandates had to state that Norwalk's water had over the limits of contaminates. This was during the winter & the goose manure & freezing temps factored into that scenario. Details were posted for the for the workers in said factories .


Jackwagon: Does Norwalk not have a reservoir?