Police release names in Dick's Sporting Goods crash

Store is now open
Tom Jackson
Aug 1, 2014


UPDATE 6:30 p.m.
The store is now open for business.

See photos of the store from Friday morning HERE

A man and woman injured after their vehicle crashed into Dick's Sporting Goods Thursday night were both reported in good condition Friday afternoon.

Charles A. Hacker, 78, and Dianne E. Hacker, 74, both of 1500 block of Timber Lake Lane, were listed in good condition Friday afternoon at Firelands Regional Medical Center, a spokeswoman said.

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Charles Hacker was behind the wheel when the couple's 2006 Cadillac DTS Sedan crashed into Dick's Sporting Goods, 4000 block of Milan Road, at 8:53 p.m. Thursday, according to a report the Perkins Police Department released Friday. 

Police at the scene said they believed Charles Hacker may have suffered from a medical condition that caused the crash, and the report states that alcohol use isn't suspected.

No one in the store was injured, police said. 



Little ditty about Chuck and Dianne,
Driving through Dick's as fast as they can
Chuckie gonna be a race car star
Dianne holding on, passenger of Chuckie's car.


Even though there is some humor to your post, I think it belongs under someone who was using stupidity while behind a wheel. This man had health issues and most likely would have done anything in his power to avoid this situation. If I was family I would be slightly offended to your lack of care.....


Dick, that is truly in poor taste. Mocking someone (elderly people mind you) who was injured in a crash that was (likely) caused by a medical condition is PATHETIC. How have you not be banned from this site?


Pretty funny Richard Tracey.


Geez everyone. The folks were not injured. Chill out! I am sure Dick Tracey would not have written his song if there had been any bad injuries.


Since it says they are in good condition, I find this humorous :)


me too !


Dick, stick to investigative bloggings. Enjoy them but your humor not so much.....triggered spam filter what I wanted to say


People are so sensitive now! Chill out! I'm sure Chuck will look back on this and crack a joke or two himself, ONLY because nobody was injured. This post was hilarious!

Mama K

You made me smile this AM, DickTracey:)


The people have spoken.

DickTracey 8

Haters. 3


Prayers going out to the both of them and their families. Sounds like they are going to be ok, and thank God no one else was injured.


They were the operators of the Wagon Wheel restaurant on Cleveland Road west of Herman's Furniture for a number of years. Thank God they and no one in the store was hurt seriously. Praying for their swift recovery.

The Answer Person



Yes, because noone under the age of "SENIOR" has ever had a medical emergency. Guess noone has ever suffered from a stroke, seizure or heart attack at 30, 40 or 50? Yes it is not as frequent but it does happen. So what age do you suggest for these annual tests? 20? 30? I mean my family has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure and heart attacks, so I guess we just shouldn't drive at all?


Actually it should be required every five years starting at 16. Who says we remain good drivers for the rest of our lives once we get our initial license. At every 5 year period there should also be a drug test.


im a strong supporter of drug testing. if somebody has drugs, i want to test them..


I own stock in a drug testing and private prison corporation and I agree very strongly in what you have to say dear sir of great knowledge and thought!




Wheres your data to support your ridiculous post Answer?


APerson is right. Florida finally did something about oldsters driving badly. It can't come soon enough here.


What did Florida do?


This man has a big ego for him to still be driving knowing he has medical issues. It's out of his hands now as he stands to lose his license for this incident. I see people who can barely walk get in their vehicles and drive, like their handicap is not going to effect their motor skills. Stupid choice and expensive lesson. I imagine his insurance company will drop them.


And you know he knew he had medical issues?


"When I die, I want to die in my sleep...like my grandpa. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car." Too early?


"When I die, I want to die in my sleep...like my grandpa. Not screaming like all the passengers in his car." Too early?


I'm telling you, the harder I pushed the brake, the faster I went! It wasn't me, it was the car!


Lay off about it.


Sounds like he might be one of the 50 million Americans who have Epileptic Silent Seizures. Please note - a very large majority of those having these type seizures don 't know they are even having them. See a Neurologist.


One of my friends was working there that night and she was missed by just a few inches, tonight she saw the store video and said she's celebrating life. Good advice for all of us, you never know when your appointed time will arrive.

local man

I addressed Senior testing years ago with state officials, their response it would never happen. reason - they are voters.


I think I know them. They use to own red barn and the wagon wheel on cleveland rd. I think the wife worked for Mary Kay and drove a pink cadillac. Very nice people that helped employ alot of people in the day. Prayers go out to them. Good church people too.


You are right.


Nobody of any age wants to give up whatever independence they may have. Being able to drive is a very big part of that independence for many. The inability to drive safely is, unfortunately, a part of aging for a significant percentage of people, and getting old is another thing a lot of us like to deny whatever the mirror shows us.

My father can still drive, but he could no longer care for my mother virtually 24/7 (she doesn't need professional nursing care, just a full time "babysitter") and their good sized house and yard (at least not without risking his own health). He knew it. And yet it quite literally took a couple of YEARS for the family to convince them they needed to downsize! A friend is dealing with a comparable situation in connection with her mother who, while her living conditions are fine for her, is becoming a threat on the road but won't even discuss handing over her keys. Any of you who've tried talking about such matters with older parents or family know exactly the brick wall you tend to butt up against, not to mention the resentment!

Maybe instead of legislation mandating extra driver's tests, doctors could get involved. I know they couldn't ENFORCE it, but when a doctor tells you that you're a threat to others, it might be taken more seriously (at least with a lot of older folks, that "Dr." title seems to carry a lot of weight). And a doctor is the most likely one to know early on that you've got a medical problem that could be dangerous, whether it's seizures, eyesight, poor reflexes, low blood sugar, whatever.

And what about license restrictions, then, based on a doctor's diagnosis and prescription? For example, my license (and probably a lot of yours!) says I must wear corrective lenses to legally drive. Why not add a few others? For example, no nighttime driving. No driving without another legal driver in the car. No driving outside the county. And so on. Maybe making it less of a yes you can drive/no you can't and more of a series of steps could make it easier to get those keys away from those who risk themselves and others behind the wheel!

Meanwhile, I sympathize with the man, his wife, and his family. For all the rest of us know, people HAVE tried to take his keys away before now! This accident will likely accomplish that, but what a hard, hard way to get the lesson learned.

That being said, Dick Tracey is still pretty funny. Now I'm going to have that STUPID SONG IN MY HEAD ALL DAY...! Thanks a lot, Dick.


Very good comments Sam. What you say is right on. Some nice compassionate and thought provoking points.