Caught in act

Man arrested during break-in at Huron home
Jul 31, 2014


A Huron man was arrested last week after a resident caught him breaking into his vehicle.

Zachary Legay, 29, of the 500 block of Westport Blvd., was charged with breaking and entering, obstruction, criminal mischief, receiving stolen property, drug paraphernalia and voluntary intoxication.

It was just before midnight on July 24 when a Michigan Avenue man noticed three people in dark clothing breaking into his vehicle, according to a Huron police report.

At about the same time, an officer in the area spotted a dome light activated and heard a car alarm sounding. As the men closed in, the alleged thieves darted off.

Officers followed Legay to a fenced-in area, where he was located hiding in a corner and ordered out at gunpoint.

The resident later found a compound bow and two circular saws missing from his shed, the report said.

Police found $13 in change, a marijuana pipe, jar with marijuana residue, and container of herbal supplements on Legay. He said he'd lifted all the item from vehicles, but didn't know where those cars were located.

Legay was taken to the Erie County jail and held without bond.



"Herbal Supplements"?? Am I getting old or is that the new version of bath salts?
At least this guy's not grinning ear to ear like the last few jail shots that have been posted.



Julie R.

Isn't this the 2nd or maybe the 3rd person from Wexford (one of Huron's richest developments) that have been arrested for stealing in the last year or so? Wonder what their problem is. Aren't there also attorneys that live in Wexford?


You sure are a bitter lady


I think shes handicapped.