Mulch mat to soften hard playground surfaces

Perkins installing special material to protect children playing in township parks
Andy Ouriel
Aug 1, 2014

Children tumbling down slides or wildly catapulting off swings on Perkins Township playgrounds can look forward to softer landings.

Dubbed “kiddie mulch,” workers from Perkins’ highway department plan on placing a special wood fiber under and around all playground equipment located at any township park featuring such furnishings.

Crews recently installed this fiber at Abernathy Park on Doerzbach Avenue and Leisure II Park on Birchwood Drive.

In total, township officials plan on spending $8,100 on this cushion-like material. The material, nationally certified as a safe surface, costs $21.50 per cubic yard.

The mulch “can reduce the possible injury to children if they fall and hit the surface under the equipment,” township highway superintendent Al Jackson said. “The improvement to the parks is to ensure the safe use of all our playground equipment for all our residents."



Can't let the little kiddies land on grass,can we. Might break their iphones.

Erie County Resident

And the idiot trustees keep on spending and spending and have the gall to ask voters to give them more.
Definate NO vote here.