LOCAL VOICE: Fairy tale budgets

By ALEX JONES Sandusky High graduate attending Ashland University &q
Sandusky Register Staff
May 13, 2010



Sandusky High graduate attending Ashland University

"Years ago, fairy tales all began with Once upon a time ... now we know they all begin with, if I am elected" - Carolyn Warner

It's always fun to watch the State of the Union address.

Whether you are liberal, conservative, or moderate, it is interesting to see what the leader of the free world will say as the world watches on.

The speech given a few weeks ago at the State of the Union was a little more interesting than normal. With Democrats on their heels from a major loss in Massachusetts, it seemed like President Barack Obama went back into campaign mode. Giving a well-orated speech with plenty of promises, he seemed to retreat a little from the past few months.

The Democrats now seem to be in disaster control. They have had a supermajority for more than a year now, and Americans feel like nothing is getting done. The promises of "change" have fallen void.

During the State of the Union, Obama did what anyone else who was faced with failure would do: he turned the focus away from failure and on to new promises. The immediate problem that arises in my mind is how the current administration plans to keep these promises. We were promised the Recovery Act, or the stimulus package, was supposed to keep the country from slipping above 10 percent unemployment. The national unemployment rate is above 10 percent and the unemployment rate for Erie County is over 12 percent. Whatever "recovery" there was has not been felt here.

The only way our representatives have been able to pass health care was through buying people off. That is the way our government, the ones we have elected, plans on fulfilling promises. When these promises fall through, what previous administration will there be to blame?

The well of excuses from which the current administration has been drawing seems to be running dry rather quickly. No matter what excuses this administration gives, and no matter what promises it makes, the facts remain the same. Its new budget plan will spend an unprecedented $3.8 trillion. That's $3,800,000,000,000. This will make our deficit soar even higher. That is a considerable amount of extra money when so many Americans have nothing extra to spend.

Why is the government the only group that does not cut back during a recession? But why should I complain? Deficit spending has done so much to help us get out of the recession thus far. This year, being an election year, we will hear many more promises, excuses and more political spin. It is up to us, the voters ,to sift through what is truthful, and what is just a "fairy tale."

Whether true change will come from a candidate's policy, if he or she is just hiding behind just the word "change," is up to us the voters to decide. It is up to us not to fall victim again to eloquent speaking without substance.

Like Massachusetts, Ohio needs to stand up and tell Washington our voices count, and we don't want or need them to continue spending money they don't have. We need to tell them we want them to tighten their belts too. It is up to us to take charge and make sure that our representatives actually represent us, their constituents.

We can no longer afford for our government to spend our country to death. Let us make the politicians realize they can no longer tell us fairy tales to be elected.