Perkins pursues road levy

Trustees asking township residents to raise property taxes strictly for road repairs
Andy Ouriel
Jul 30, 2014

Perkins Township trustees on Tuesday reluctantly voted 3-0 to place a levy on November’s ballot, asking voters to raise property taxes strictly for road repairs.

Here’s a quick primer on the issue:


Q: Why did trustees vote to place a levy on the ballot?

A: In short, there’s not enough money in the township’s $10 million operating budget for road repairs.

The township, like many other local governments across Ohio, suffered deep financial cuts coming from the state. Couple this with property values collectively dropping in Perkins, and there’s about $1 million less per year for many key services, including road repairs.

Additionally, much of the $10 million is tied up and can only be used for police and fire services.

A road levy would secure funds solely directed for road enhancements and preservation.


Q: What does this mean now?

A: When township residents cast a vote in the November election, they’ll be asked whether they support an increase in township-based property taxes to pay specifically and only for road reconstruction, road resurfacing and road repairs.

If a majority of voters cast a “yes” vote, then the issue gets approved.


Q: How much will this cost me?

A: If approved, the average owner of a $100,000 home in Perkins will spend an additional $96.25 per year.


Q: How much is the millage? How long is levy for?

A: The 2.75-mill levy, if approved, would last for five years, beginning in 2015.


Q: How much money does the township need to fix all the roads?

A: Patching up all roads in the township would cost $19 million. The levy, however, only aims to create $1 million per year.

Trustees could have opted for a higher millage rate, thus aiming to collect more money, but didn’t want to overburden residents and businesses.

If approved, the levy would generate about $5 million now through 2019 strictly for road improvements.


Q: What roads will get paved first?

A: Township trustees and officials devised a master list of all 47 street miles under Perkins’ jurisdiction. They’d likely first improve roads ranking the worst on this list.

But trustees on Tuesday did indicate they would prioritize Boston Road, Didion Drive and Woodlawn Avenue for funding from this proposed levy if a majority of voters approve this issue in November.


Q: What’s at stake if a majority of the residents reject this issue?

A: Further neglect to roads could lead to both people and businesses shying away from and moving out of Perkins Township. Plus neglecting road repairs now means higher costs for taxpayers to eventually fix them later on.


Q: How did trustees arrive at placing a levy on the ballot?

A: For weeks, after compiling a master list, trustees weighed their options, examined potential budget outcomes and determined a levy would best suit their funding quandary.


Q: What reasons did each trustee provide for pushing forward with a road levy?

A: Each trustee seemed hesitant to pursue more taxes from residents. Yet all claimed they need to find money to enhance roads:

• Tim Coleman: I know a lot of residents who do not want a levy. I know a lot of residents that can’t afford a levy. But I am going to ask the voters to support this. I think this is due responsibility on our part to do this.

• Jeff Ferrell: No one wants to put more taxes onto the residents. But if we don’t do it, we will never solve this issue, and it will keep costing the township more and more money each year.

• Jim Lang: I don’t want to raise taxes for anyone, and I don’t want to put a levy on, however, in going over the budget, there is unfortunately not enough money. We are going to have to leave it up to voters to see if they want to pay more in taxes and get their roads done.


Q: Did anyone speak against the levy on Tuesday

A: Bogart Road resident Mary Bakewell did.

She expressed frustration with trustees seemingly ignoring road repairs in years past and only addressing this problem now by, once again, asking taxpayers for more money.

“Why is this now a ($19 million) problem? Why wasn’t this taken care of years ago? It’s always something: a fire levy, a police levy, a schools levy, a mental health levy, a parks levy. Everyone needs money, yet we are not getting the raises (to support constant tax increases). Where do you think your money is coming from? It’s driving people crazy.”



Vote no.


Voting YES! It's cheaper than buying new tires and getting an alignment every year.

Another Day

Considering my property taxes just got raised this year by $1400 and my appraisal lowered by $83k, I am voting "NO".

Tool Box

I feel really sorry for you rich folks! I'm voting yes just to pi$$ you off!


Then your rent will go up. No biggie. I don't feel anything for you, you asked for it.


VOTE NO. Government needs to STOP taking our money, they need to cut their salaries , ax the benefits, quit retiring at 50.

Mr. 25 Cents

Half the population of Sandusky, but 62% of the budget. Perkins must heat its city hall by burning dollar bills.


Vote no.


Let's build more new township halls and police stations.

jibber jabber

THERE you have it, THE three county commissioner COMMISIONERs
that did Nothing about the DRANAGE problem WE had in Erie county
for YEARS here in Erie county that RUINED ruinED our roads. NOW the Governments wants
TAX money for LACK of proper usage of our TAX money doing the right thing.
Aren't they to spend our tax money appropriately?

jibber jabber

THAT is Correct


The article is about Perkins Township not Erie County. Does the township collect taxes from the hotels in the area, especially along Rt 250? If so, raise that. If not, then add a township bed tax.

jibber jabber

The township is ( located with in the county), everyone that went to school knows that, well most that went to school.
PLUS, why do you think Sandusky County and Huron county floods, sort of like a TOILET, everything is backed up until the first in line has been dislodged, because Erie did nothing in the past 50 years for its backups.


Please do not let Mary Bakewell influence our decisions. She lives on a well kept road maintained by the County with tax money collected specifically for roads and bridges.

The Township is trying to do the same thing for Township roads. Setup specific funding.

There are those of us who need to have our resedential streets improved and this levy is our best chance to get that started.


But screw those that aren't on the list right?


To: Wjones44

What then is your plan.

"Vote No" seems to be a plan that does not accomplish much.

What do you think should be done?


I say we build another township hall.


To Wjones 44

Ok. I know you have real ideas better than this. Give us some of you thoughts.

Erie County Resident

Let's pave another walking trail and build another over priced township hall instead use fixing what we had.
Real good money management on the three trustees part.. NOT.
Just keep jacking up the tax base cause it isn't your money.