Don't mess with Texas

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Hollie Newton
Aug 1, 2014


50 years ago, 1964: Jubilant space agency officials said first indications were that Ranger 7 obtained close up pictures of the moon of excellent quality. One official said the pictures were even better than expected. 

25 years ago, 1989: The legal drinking age became 21 for everyone in Ohio when a clause allowing residents who were 19 on or before July 31, 1987 to consume beer expired. Ohio's drinking age was raised from 19 to 21 in 1987 for everyone except those covered by the "grandfather clause."

10 years ago, 2004: First lady Laura Bush christened a $2.2 billion nuclear-powered attack submarine named after her home state of Texas, cracking a bottle of American sparkling wine against the hull on her first try. "May all who board her be forever blessed and may all who encounter her upon the seas remember, 'Don't mess with Texas."'



Re: "'Don't mess with Texas.'"

God Bless Texas!

Stop It

25 years ago, 1989....It was 3.2 (low beer) and 18 yrs. old. I know 'cause I was one many years earlier.

The New World Czar

The REPUBLIC of TEXAS, yeah!


I don't want to mess with Texas and therefore, am in full support of allowing them to secede....


Re: " secede...."

That issue was settled with a war in the 1860s. Perhaps you've heard or read about it?

Ain't gonna happen.

"Hotel California."

The Big Dog's back

How many times do I have to correct you about that? Do you think if you repeat it enough it becomes true?



Another submarine was named "Corpus Christi"

But after protests by the religious community because they didn't think that an attack sub should have the Latin name "Body of Christ," it was changed to "City of Corpus Christi." lol

The Big Dog's back

And by the way, phuch texas.

Blackberry Phale

Texas remains a red state.


Yeah Texazz...My Marine Corps is from the North. Don't see any horns on you.