Semi overturned on Ohio 4

Traffic being diverted
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 30, 2014


Traffic on Ohio 4 is being diverted after a semi overturned this evening.

The truck, carrying a load of produce, overturned around 10:45 p.m., said dispatcher Josh Wright of the Ohio Highway Patrol Norwalk post. The truck slid on its side on Ohio 4 north of U.S. 20. The driver sustained non-life-threatening injuries. 

Vehicles traveling northbound on Ohio 4 are being redirected onto U.S. 20; southbound drivers are being redirected on to Ohio 113, Wright said. The roadway is expected to be cleaned and reopened within the next hour.



Why hasn't there been anything in the SR about overturned vehicle on US 2 between Rt 250 and Rt 4 on Saturday or Sunday evening that Perkins Police reported on Facebook?

Jason Werling

We are working with the Perkins Police Department to help get the word out to all outlets when there is an incident all of our community needs to be alerted to, not just those on Facebook.

We will follow up on the crash. Thanks samiam.

lunchtime 175

Its nice that the register keeps people updated on things like this so traffic can go on other routes, etc. Years ago before the internet people would not even hear of things like this till days later in the printed newspaper and by then it was all over with.

Jason Werling

samiam and lunchtime 175, please use this in the future as well...

This is anonymous and is checked regularly.

Erie County Resident

Hauling produce and overturned.
Does this make it now a tossed salad?