Another suspected drugging

Woman was flown from Put-in-Bay late Friday
Jul 28, 2014


Put-in-Bay police are investigating another suspected drugging that occurred Friday. 

The Register received a news tip a young woman was "Lifeflighted from the island" after being drugged. 

The Put-in-Bay Police Department acknowledged an incident occurred at about 10 p.m. Friday, but provided no details about what it might have entailed. 

An incident report gave the time and  the location as "Bay View at C Dock."

But the only other information in the report is cryptic: "Investigation pending..."

More than a half-dozen potential drugging reports have been made to the Put-in-Bay police since May. 

One woman told police she was "roofied" and then raped by a manager at the island bar where she worked in early May. 

An investigation of that incident was finished last week and sent to Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan for review and possible presentation to a grand jury, according to the Ottawa County Sheriff's office.

It appears the suspect refused to talk with the detective, however, who conducted the investigation. 

A group of people also reported they each became unconscious shortly after meeting someone who took their photographs when they were on the island.

Another woman told police she became violently ill during an island visit July 1. The woman was with her boyfriend for a birthday celebration when she became unconscious. 

The woman, 26, tested positive for the psychoactive drug Benzodiazepine, according to a Put-in-Bay police report.

Another suspected drugging occurred July 6

PIB police said more information on Friday's incident would be available Tuesday. 



Jeez, and the PIB elected officials will wonder why people will stop coming to the island until they clean this crap up.


Livin, right on. I know I won't be going to Put-in- Hell.


Whoever is doing this is a serial rapist and this is turning uglier fast. This guy has some serious psychiatric issues, and photographing his victims is just the icing on the cake. What if his next victim dies?

Horace Mann

We are jumping to conclusions here. "Benzodiazepine" is not "A" drug, it's a family of drugs, the oldest of which is Librium. Benzodiazepines are often abused, but would not be best choice for the kind of crime we're talking about. This doesn't fit the MO.

Benzodiazepines can cause dangerous interactions with other drugs, including alcohol. Given the facts reported, this case could be as simple as than.


I never said anything about benzodiazepine. Besides that, I know what benzodiazepines are. I'm a nurse. Your common anxiolytic benzodiazepines in high amounts would be an ideal DOC because you can easily get a hold of them. I don't think this rapist has access to GAs like propofol or midazolam.


Now that it has been on tv and surrounding papers, the copycats are going to come out!

Anyone reading the news know that the police are useless over there and know they can get away with it!

Soon Cleveland news will run it, and you can say good bye tourists! Just like the year of the bad water.


More of the same and won't stop until the police department is cleaned out and up. Mayor and council clearly are in over their heads.


well business was down 53% this christmas in july, I could say some of it is due to weather, but I bet these articles have helped.


Not from any business owner or ferry boat operator I know lol


Maybe the news channels need to get ahold of it. Get it out to a larger audience. Then maybe, just maybe something would be done. The mayor and the cops are not be held accountable. They barely make reports, no investigations of any kind. and noone is charged for anything.


All of this has been reported on 13 Toledo., here is video of the woman that says she was drugged.

Horace Mann

Interesting. No claim of rape, thinks others in her party were drugged, too. Maybe the bar needs a new source of hooch.


well D-N, the ferry boat that counts brought 5100 souls aboard the island saturday when a year ago they did 9500, if that means anything for ya

Julie R.

Wow, all the news coverage on this and it's still going on? If it's same person or the same people doing it, those people are downright scary.


You are scary Julie R. You didn't stick to your guns and claim a conspiracy!

Julie R.

Are you stalking me?


I have the actual counts and they exceeded 10k people jet was sold out into past 3 am and every hotel on the island was sold out. If you own a business on the island and were not up in sales you deserve to hide behind a screen name. What business do you own?


While Im sure the island business elite held a weekend debriefing, and some how I was not included, but the hotels always sell out, but that doesnt fuel large crowds. 10k coming in a day is close to max capacity for the boat line fyi, and when the extra boat is put down before 8, its a bad sign. While alot of us tend to boast of record sales, all in all the numbers are easily obtained through public tax records, thus there is no use in the quibble. The bottom line is the island itself saw far few visitors this Xmas than a year prior, resulting in less rentals of carts, less boat tix sold, less cars parked on the mainland, less drnks sold (overall)... anyone who has spent close to 50 years on the island would know that, they would notice the vacancies on the public docks (meanng less raft offs, no rafting off the shore either.


Polled the businesses in general and unless yours was selling the Koran on the corner of Delaware and Catawba you are clearly a minority in the equation

From the Grave

PIB sucks.


There is a small movement starting on Twitter for those of you that have accounts. Search #OpPIB on Twitter to start following this movement to help spread the word.


Islandbizowner, just disregard all of diggers responses, he's just a toadie for the man.I remember two jets running together on xmas in july till4 in the morning in the past. The island is dying, can you say Cleveland Flats.


Again island business owner please cease to attempt to obfuscate your response without answering a simple question.....what type of business do you own by name on the island that was down in sales over the last weekend? Simple question if you are credible. Furthermore, I will make you a very public bet that July sales tax revenues in Ottawa county are up over 5% over prior year easily confirmed by public record after August 23rd Put up or shut up with facts


Ha ha gooftard you said that in 2009 and it's still not true. Keep commenting you might get the other 22 % of the people who think you have a clue to agree with you


My business was way up, I had the fried chicken franchise at the IGS parking lot Saturday night. Nothing arrives overnight the death is an ongoing problem unless they keep advertising in Detroit and Dearborn.