Committee hears update on prison food complaints

A legislative committee is getting updates on complaints facing the private food vendor that won the contract to feed Ohio inmates.
Associated Press
Jul 28, 2014


Reports indicate employees with Philadelphia-based Aramark Correctional Services have repeatedly failed to provide food or run out of it since beginning work last September.

Reports also document days when Aramark employees simply failed to show up, cases of unauthorized relationships between inmates and Aramark workers, and five reports since January of maggots in food or the preparation process.

The Correctional Institution Inspection Committee said it will hear an update from Ohio prisons director Gary Mohr on Wednesday afternoon along with other witnesses.

Aramark has called the complaints part of an anti-privatization effort and said it’s making progress with operations.



Fvck privatization! Another corporation feeding off the public teet


Give them all protein loaf!


Who cares what they eat? If they want better cuisine, they should stay out of jail!


Who cares what they eat? I do. The taxes we pay in are used to pay this vendor and the vendor is ripping us off. If you want to serve the prisoners bread and water, I'm fine with that, just don't take prime rib taxes out of my pocket to buy the day old bread and tap water.


I care too. We're paying a lot of money to feed and care for our prisoners, let's get our money's worth. The Bigger problem is the contraband smuggling and relationships that the private(mostly temps) employees are being accused of. Are we really saving money? Or just lining peoples pockets while treating our prisoners like animals.


The latter!!!!!!!!!!


Make them grow their own food in their own prison garden. Problem solved.