UPDATED: Cedar Point ride cable snaps

Cedar Point spokesman addresses accident
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 28, 2014


UPDATE 8 a.m. Monday


A cable snapped on Cedar Point's Skyhawk late Saturday night, injuring at least two park guests.

It was about 10 p.m. when the malfunction occurred, according to a statement released by Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards.

A cable on one of the ride's two carriages disconnected and swung loose, injuring one guest severely enough to send him to Firelands Regional Medical Center, Edwards said.

The second guest meanwhile, was treated and released inside the park.

Edwards said the ride was shut down immediately after the accident.

By about 11 p.m., Cedar Point workers had completely cleared the area around Skyhawk—multiple Cedar Point police officers stood in front of barricades, and one told guests the area was closed for cleaning purposes.

A nearby gift shop employee told a Register reporter he heard series of loud noises—he described them as bangs—  then watched as the ride jolted to a stop.

One of the arms, the employee said, swung until gravity stopped it—normally, the ride is slowed down mechanically.

According to Edwards, the ride will remain closed until park officials complete an investigation into the malfunction.

“Safety is our top priority at Cedar Point,” Edwards said.

Edwards did not return multiple calls Sunday seeking further details. 

UPDATE 11:30 a.m. Sunday

Cedar Point spokesman Bryan Edwards released the following statement:

"At approximately 10 p.m., a cable on one of the Skyhawk swing ride's carriages disconnected. The ride's crew immediately shut down the ride and notified the park's emergency personnel.  

The cable came in contact with two guests. One was treated and released at the scene. As a precaution, the other was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. 
Safety is our top priority at Cedar Point. Skyhawk will remain closed until our investigation is complete and the ride can safely reopen."


UPDATE 12:20 a.m. Sunday

A Register reporter entered the park at about 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Here's what was observed:

•All pathways that led directly to Skyhawk were barricaded. At least three Cedar Point police officers stood guard. When asked, one officer said the area was blockaded for cleaning purposes.

•All other rides surrounding Skyhawk — even the ones that were not operating any longer for the night — were illuminated by at least some lights. Skyhawk and the surrounding area was completely darkened. 

•A Cedar Point employee who works near Skyhawk said he heard a series of loud bangs. He said he watched as Skyhawk jerked abnormally. When the ride did come to a stop, it was not stopped mechanically. Rather, it swung until gravity stopped it, the employee said.

•No ambulances or emergency personnel were in the area. 

No injuries have been confirmed, though multiple sites and social media accounts are reporting that a man's leg was broken, and a cable snapped.

Theme Park Maniacs have been posting rolling updates. 


Cedar Point officials have yet to confirm, however various online reports stated a cable snapped on Skyhawk late Saturday. It is not known if any injuries occurred. Check sanduskyregister.com and Monday’s Register for more details. 

Calls to Cedar Point officials went unanswered Saturday.




They are saying a kid broke his leg and someone got hit in the face with wood? http://pointbuzz.com/Forums/Thre...


Tear it down. It is not worth the safety of the riders. Bring back the Wild Mouse.

lunchtime 175

Too many bad things happen on the new rides, makes you think if they are really worth all the millions the park puts into the rides just to attract people? I miss all the old rides that they took out years ago that never really caused any problems or accidents or injuries and yet they took them out to put in new coaster rides, etc. Please Cedar Point bring back some of the great old rides of the past. Cedar Point is not the same anymore with not much for the older crowd to do. What ever happened to the Imax theater? and the Dolphin show and the aquarium, and the log ride and the boat ride that actually took you some distance and not just around in a circle?


I am with ya lunchtime. I am too big to ride the kiddie rides and too old to ride all the coasters. Lol

2cents's picture

Lunch, thrill is the current attraction to some. Just look in the cars of people traveling to the Point these days, mostly young people. We older people have memories of our family fun like this now!



Lunchtime, I could not agree more with you about the old Cedar Point. They have put enough coasters in now lets make Cedar Point a FAMILY park again. Bring back the boats, The Swan Boats, The Pirate ride, The Rotor, the true live entertainment ( not sound tracks) the live shows, The Wildcat. They waste all this money on things like Dinosaurs Alive, Sling Shot, national Brand Chain restaraunts, they tore out parts of the Camp ground and brought cabins in at $300.00 a night and raised the camp ground to $100.00 a night. They are ruining the park. There are no longer enough family rides to warrant bringing the family.


Cedar point wants to be an upscale resort, not a family amusement park. Everything done is about feeding the shareholders more simoleons. Upcharge upcharge upcharge. Get used to it, after all it's their stated goal on record. Fast lane is a descriminatory act of class warfare. Those who can afford it get in line ahead of you, not just once but as many times as they would like. Those who can not afford it go to the back of the line and now wait even longer than they used to for the same number of people in the park on a given day. Money talks and there is no other course for a shareholder owned operation. Now open your d@mn wallet and shut up and move along.

Another Day

They just reopened that ride, it was closed most of last year of not all of it. My kids love it, but I agree, would love to have the old shows back at the IMAX.

2cents's picture

The park called out their local chain supplier when a ride would not operate properly, it turned out they were buying their chain sections in China and putting them together in Sandusky, Oops! I guess it was out of spec because the ride would not operate correctly. I would be curious if the replacement cables were made to spec? Did they ask for a PPAP from their supplier?


Cedar Point's safety record is impeccable so when this ride is fixed, you bet your sweet bottom I'll be one of the first in line. I have a greater chance of wrecking my vehicle on the way to the park (especially with Michigan folks on the road) than I do being injured on a controlled amusement ride. I'll take my chances.

Stop It

A snapped cable whipping around is quite dangerous. One can be cut in half.


It's probably not something you need to worry about happening whenever you walk out of your house.


A drunk driver is quite dangerous. One can be cut in half.
If you drive you pass several every time you get behind the wheel.
Amusement park is always safer than the drive home.


@ holymoly, when was the last time you saw someone sliced in half by a drunk driver? I'm not saying in a wreck, I mean sliced in half. You'd have better odds at cutting off your fingers with a butter knife.


Love the fast new rides, especially top thrill. You want a boat ride geezer, the good time will be happy to supply.


Lol. Vote yes! Just being funny. I have ridden most of the thrill rides. Loved MAXAIR.

Erie County Resident

Junk had to made in China.
Now on to new news This will be renamed The LeBron James Swinger.
It breaks down and quits half way thru like he does.


name it sarah palin for same ride at sister park.......


good one

Erie County Resident

Hey stoner, why name it Sarah Palin?
Cedar Point said in a press release that they were naming a ride after Lebrown and this would be a fitting one.
Go back to sleep before your munchies kick in.

lunchtime 175

Didn't this happen before either at Cedar Point or another amusement park that has the same style ride when the cable snapped? I am thinking this happened maybe last year at Cedar Point or something similiar on another ride? They are lucky no one got seriously hurt more than what they did by the cable flying around which probably had a lot of force in it from being snapped. When a person buys a ticket to get in to the park they are giving up rights to hold the park liable for injuries that happen within the park on a ride, etc. Read your ticket receipts to see what I mean. I think most parks are the same on not being liable for injuries in the park. I remember many many years ago a lady fell off the double ferris wheel and died in the fall from her seat. That ride was taken down many years ago as it was unsafe. And a lady got killed riding the Wild Cat roller coaster ride when she flew out of the car. I think that ride is no longer at the park either. Anything can happen at a park that has rides so people just have to be careful and hang on.


lunchtime, you're babbling. You honestly have no idea what you're talking about and are insinuating that Cedar Fair collectively has unsafe amusement rides. State facts rather than thoughtless and untrue remarks. No one has EVER died due to ride malfunctions or employee mistakes at Cedar Point. The lady you speak of on the Wildcat ride passed away due to a cardiac illness.


true that


2 Cents had it right. China products = junk. Nuff said.


I remember when the main chain on the Corkscrew snapped & several were injured. People in the first couple cars could have easily been sliced in half. CP tried keeping it hush-hush, as they do with any accident that occurs.
I also wonder why they call "Camper Village" "Camper Village" if you can't even take your camper there? Eventually the whole peninsula will start sinking with all the weight & motion of the new rides.


The Magnum has been sinking for years.


That's unsubstantiated information. There's no proof that it is "sinking". We'd see issues with the ride if that were true. Sheared off bolts, cracking steel tubing and more would be evidence if this were true. Again, you folks are babbling for whatever reason. It's like a witch hunt for Cedar Fair. If it weren't for them, Sansucky wouldn't even exist on the scale it does.


I was just testing for a reaction.

But it is a real rumor ( is that right ? ) that has been going around since the Magnum was built.


What was the update?


I Smell Elk (Elk & Elk)


Tim Misny. He'll make 'em pay!

Julie R.

Every time I see that one, I flip him off.


THe Boeckling triangle. Last three incidents on three rides next to each other, both plume rides and now skyhawk. Did they build on sacred ground? Is it payback from the spirits for getting rid of the boat rides and frontier lift?


The outlying area is now wise to the tourist dollar and I would bet that a super sized attraction such as a coaster or something like that would deter some tourists from ever getting to The Point. Cedar Point has competition all over and is now encroaching on the area with resorts and do not be surprised if a place like Kalihari decides to put up a coaster of their own or maybe even an indoor amusement park like the IX in Cleveland. Big money on the funcoast draws big money eyes and soon there will be talk of legal gambling.Hope you all are ready for that.


Do some upgrades on Magnum and Gemini. rough as all heck, not smooth like they used to be.
Heard someone say it costs $80.00 for the fast pass?


Do some upgrades on Magnum and Gemini. rough as all heck, not smooth like they used to be.
Heard someone say it costs $80.00 for the fast pass?