DAN-MAR moving into Norwalk

Company purchases former EPIC Technologies site
Melissa Topey
Jul 26, 2014



The Dan-Mar Company is setting up shop in Norwalk.

Dan-Mar, an electronics company, purchased the former EPIC Technologies plant in the industrial parkway at 200 E. Bluegrass Drive for $675,000, according to the auditors website.

EPIC Technologies this past October was bought by NATEL EMS and consolidated with plants in Mason, Ohio, Chatsworth, Calif., and Juarez, Mexico. The closing put 85 employees out of work, further devastating Norwalk.

EPIC Technologies employees performed skilled precision work, manufacturing items such as circuit boards.

At the same time Dan-Mar had outgrown their factory in Huron.

Dan-Mar Company Inc. provides electronic services, including electronic design, electronic product development and electronic assembly.

“It was a perfect fit,” said Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan.

He anticipates Dan-Mar to excel in the building.

“We hated to see EPIC go. We believe Dan-Mar will excel even past where EPIC was. In other words, we have great expectations,” Duncan said.

Norwalk city council recently approved a job creation tax incentive deal, but few details of the deal were immediately available.

Dan-Mar has committed to create 42 new full-time job before the end of 2016, said Lisa Hivnor, city council clerk.

Dan-Mar's building search was initiated internally about a year ago with company executives looking at several locations before they considered properties in Norwalk's Fireland's Industrial Park, said Ellen Heinz, director of Norwalk Economic Development Corporation.

Norwalk has taken its hit with company closings over the last couple years, including Janesville Acoustics. The development is good news for city officials and residents.

“Along with Dan-Mar's growth, Borgers USA's decision to locate their new U.S. operation in Norwalk as well as several other substantial projects that are underway, there is a high level of activity and positive growth occurring in the area. It's an exciting time for Norwalk and our entire region,” Heinz said.



Great news for Norwalk. Every new business, now matter how big, is a win.


Re: "job creation tax incentive deal,"

Big business corp. welfare - robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Where's the sm. business corp. welfare?


Re: "job creation tax incentive deal"

Yea, I read that in the article. It does bite for the small businesses, but, I was trying to be optimistic ...I see where Norwalk has gotten two new businesses recently ...hiring employees ...should put some cash into some peoples pockets. Those people can then contribute to the economy by supporting the smaller businesses. Like the new restaurant( I believe it was a Mexican one?) that just opened.


Re: "Those people can then contribute to the economy by supporting the smaller businesses."

A lot of economic theories look good on paper, reality not so much.

Lower or eliminate ALL business taxes. Let the Mkt. decide winners and losers - not govt.


Any number of new, net jobs is great for any community and the past several years, Norwalk has been hit pretty hard. So this is great news for that community.

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Dwight & Margret, my best. Thank you for the kick start : )