Fremont remembers Cory Barron

Hundreds gather at vigil
Angela Wilhelm
Jul 25, 2014


Fremont community members gathered at Fremont Ross High School wearing purple and white for a candle light vigil honoring the life of Cory Barron Thursday.

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Really are you ...

This was a tragic end to a persons life, if he were still here, the people lives around his circle of friends would still remain the away it was.
Then how family,friends, and community pull together to show support and talk about the accomplishments and the way this person achieved success in life. Why does this only happen when a person passes away? So much more could be accomplished, achieved, and advanced if we took the time and showed more compassion or interest about a person while they are still here.

Really are you ...

I am not trying to come across as being insensitive. The passing of anybody is a pain felt by anyone who has any memories of the person who has past away. I am simply questioning a why. Why do friends, communities, and loved ones pull together like this in a persons passing? When real life is full of hardly any sympathy, limited compassion except for sometimes family, and from from an individual standpoint everyone thinks they are better than the next person. Shouldn't we celebrate everyday from a collective standpoint, than from an individual outlook? Everyone has their own strengths and everyone has their own weaknesses. Why not utilize a persons strengths and ambitions. Not one living person has the solutions to everything. Mr. Barron could have held the right answers for that one person, community, or organization that could have made a big difference in the world we live in. But as a fail safe to our own beliefs, we shut a lot of things down until it is too late to ask or show any positive emotions.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Providing feedback and validation to our fellows is one of the most humane and uplifting things we can do. Hearing "good job" at work, "how would you fix [x]?" from a friend, or otherwise giving the opportunity for someone else to step up and be heard is crucial for a civil society.

Be it regret after a death or the stagnation during life, your point should be taken to heart by all of us!


I actually agree with you. I just hope LE figures out what happened to him!