Man arrested for sex with minor

21-year-old man admitted to sexual encounter with 15-year-old girl
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 25, 2014


A Sandusky man was arrested last week for allegedly having sex with an underage Perkins Township girl.

David Bates, 21, of the 2200 block of Cleveland Road, was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a fourth-degree felony.

Bates and a 15-year-old Beatty Avenue girl allegedly met one another on a dating app and decided to meet July 10, assistant Perkins police Chief Robb Parthemore said.

The pair allegedly had one sexual encounter at the girl's home that day. Parthemore said the acts weren't forceful in nature, but the age of consent in Ohio is 16.

The girl's mother took her to police two days later after learning of the incident and officers were able to track down Bates, Parthemore said.

Bates at first denied the encounter, but later admitted to have sexual contact with the girl, Parthemore said. He was arrested July 18 and taken to the Erie County jail. 


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Pathetic P.O.S



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So 15 year olds are allowed to go on dating sites? Did she give her real age?


Apparently you can @


That girls self esteem must be through the roof ! Wow ! Then again maybe he has that far away look to him...


The good people of Sandusky who want to raise taxes to serve all of it's citizens are here bashing. Wow


JMOP - What victim-blaming does is PROTECT the ABUSERS, RAPISTS, and any other person who is CLEARLY in the wrong.


Yes because a 15 yr old on an adult dating site, lying about her age, and pretending to be an adult is a victim. Smdh.

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I figured I would receive that response. I never blamed the victim. I simply asked if 15 year olds are allowed on dating sites, or if she lied and said she was 18.

I'm not protecting anyone. If he KNEW she was 15 then he should be punished, if he's under the assumption she was of age, then I believe he shouldn't be blamed in the entirely.


Agreed. She knew she was on an adult dating site. I am pretty sure she would have had to put in a fake birth date to register. There is a difference between a older man picking up a 15 year old, knowing she is underage, talking her into a relationship and a 15 year old lying about her age to date older men. She knew what she was doing. If the man was thinking she was of age and on an adult dating site it is not all on him. He was duped. You should not need to "card" everyone you date.

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Damit Beavis.



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Another young man's life ruined because of someone who said, "Yes."


Agree, in this case it took two to Tango.


"I'm a good girl Mommy, I never did anything like that before" Sure.


Sometimes each side has to see where they went wrong. Blaming people will not solve anything! We need no more drama! But people seem to love it! For one, Sexual Attraction knows no legal age limit, age limits have to be factored in during the decision making process on how to handle that attraction. Plus, lack of knowledge seemed to play parts in the decision of each of the people in this case! Both were young and dumb!