Winning $1 million ticket sold in Sandusky

Ticket was two numbers away from winning Mega Millions
Jason Werling
Jul 24, 2014


Sheila Motry, manager of Butts and More in Sandusky, sold a winning Mega Millions lottery ticket worth $1 million. The winning ticket had all five numbers, 14, 18, 22, 31 and 47 in Tuesday's drawing, but not the Mega Ball number, 15.

Watch video with Motry in the player below

Motry, a Sandusky native, says the winner prefers to remain anonymous. Motry has been a manager at the store for over a decade and has sold other winning tickets in the past, but not a ticket worth $1 million. 

She said the she was contacted Wednesday by the lottery commission about the winning ticket and the store will receive a bonus for selling the ticket.

The next jackpot for the Mega Millions drawing is $67 million with a cash option of $39.1 million.


Tsu Dho Nimh



$1 million is a drop in the bucket compared to how much money that the Lottery cleans out of Sandusky:

Zip Code: 44870
Population (in zip code): 42,538
Median Household Income: $40,988.00
Lottery Outlets: 51
Winners: 179
Winnings: $709,237.93
Instant Game Sales: $8,099,381.00
Online Sales: $5,836,542.00
Total Sales: $13,935,923.00


Somebody has disposable income, or maybe not.

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The Hero Zone

It's not always disposable, or at least not what some woudl consider to be disposable. You can imagine that this site is biased against lotto play, but it does provide interesting articles to read:

If you look at the demographics of lottery players, it can be interesting to put together a bigger picture. Ironically, this is probably the purest form of taxation as it is completely voluntary and like the gas tax is very much "pay to play/as you go". If you listen to the words used in lottery commercials it is also very interesting. The voices and vocabulary both are carefully chosen to market to people they are trying to draw into the play.

The above is said neutrally, but it never hurts to look into things!


Re: "purest form of taxation,"

Sometimes called the 'stupid tax.'

Playing the lottery in the poorer socio-economic areas is kinda like a case of recycling unearned entitlement taxpayer money.

Many big money winners end up flat broke in short order.


Can't take it with you!


Re: "Can't,"

Correct, but I will pass it on.


Just be happy for the winners pooh.


Re: "the winners,"

And the vast majority of the lottery suckers are the losers - like you.


Did you just call me a loser?:)

Good 2 B Me

Congratulations to the winner!! Enjoy your money!


Wish it was somebody who loves