Vigil for Cory Barron

Cory Barron of Fremont, recent BGSU graduate, was missing since Friday evening
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 23, 2014

Cory Barron roamed the halls of Fremont Ross High School for four years, and it was just outside his alma mater's doors that dozens gathered Tuesday night to pay tribute to his tragically short life.

Barron, 22, was found dead Tuesday afternoon after he went missing from a concert Friday night in Cleveland — and just hours after receiving the heart-breaking news, nearly 100 people came together in the high school's parking lot to support one another and mourn as a community. 

The crowd was a sea of purple and white, Fremont Ross's colors. Current students, recent alumni, parents and Fremont residents embraced, shed tears, and shared memories of the happy-go-lucky man torn from his community by an untimely death. 

The group joined hands and formed a circle as Jim Gippert, pastor of New Hope Vineyard Church, led a prayer. 

Steve Hampshire, a retired Fremont Ross teacher, and Mike Dukeshire, a Fremont Ross parent, also spoke a few words in Barron's honor. 

Dukeshire reminisced about Barron's jokes, time in school, and talents on the football field. He was a lineman, noted one of Barron's classmates before stepping aside to compose himself. 

"Cory would've made a difference in our community, our state, our country," Dukeshire said. "He was going to be a difference-maker. Whatever he chose to do, he was going to do it well."

"If the shoe were on the other foot, Cory would be standing right here, with all of us," Dukeshire said. 

The community had been hoping for a happy resolution to Barron's disappearance.

Unfortunately, a body identified as Barron was found at the Lorain County Landfill Tuesday afternoon.

The body came into the landfill, 43502 Oberlin-Elyria Road, in Oberlin, about 12:30 p.m. in a dump truck that had completed a route in Cleveland earlier that day, said Lorain County Sheriff’s Capt. Jim Drozdowski. After the trash was dumped and scraped away, a worker saw Barron’s body and called police.

Barron’s family reported him missing early Saturday afternoon.

Deputies from the Lorain County Sheriff’s Office, detectives from the Cleveland Police Department and the Lorain County coroner arrived at the landfill about 1 p.m. Tuesday and found Barron, still with his identification and a ticket stub from the concert, Drozdowski said.

He had no obvious signs of injury, though detectives did not examine Barron’s entire body, Pillow said.

After the body was found, Cleveland police started investigating around Progressive Field in Cleveland. They had searched the area for the past few days since Barron was reported missing, Pillow said.

The Cleveland Indians released a statement on Tuesday afternoon, saying that the team was saddened by Barron’s death and are cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

Country singer Jason Aldean, whose concert Barron had been attending Friday evening, published a message on Twitter Tuesday evening, offering his sympathy to Barron's friends and family.

Gippert described the community's sense of shock, bewilderment and despair after learning of Barron's death.

"This is a time we need to pull together as a community, as friends, as Fremont," Gippert said. 

Hampshire, meanwhile, told the group he's known Barron's family for three decades — he later described them as an "All-American family."

"They're good people. (This) came out of nowhere," Hampshire said. 

The community's shock was apparent during Tuesday night's vigil.

The crowd was quiet and distraught throughout the ceremony — most simply held tight onto one another's hands, or nodded along while others spoke of the good man Barron was. 

Hampshire echoed that sentiment.

“I'm sure he's up there right now, looking down and smiling," Hampshire said. 

One woman said those who knew Barron wouldn't be able to say a negative thing about him.

"Not most (of the people who knew him). All," she said. 

Another man said he was close to Barron's brother, and always looked up to Barron as a role model. 

Still another student said she wasn't familiar with Barron himself, but was there to support a fellow Fremont Ross Little Giant. 

Before departing, Dukeshire, Fremont Schools school board member Scott Miller and a handful of others began to coordinate a candlelight vigil, tentatively scheduled for Thursday night at Fremont Ross High School.

Though Barron's family wasn't able to attend Tuesday's ceremony, a few crowd members said they'd reach out and let them know of Thursday's plans.

— Remembering Cory Barron

When: 8:30 p.m. Thursday

Where: Fremont Ross High School, 1100 North St., Fremont.

Wear: Purple and white (Fremont Ross apparel)

Bring: A candle, if possible.

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Posted July 22, 2014

Headline: Deputies: Body in landfill is missing Fremont man

Lorain County deputies confirmed the body is that of Cory Barron, 22.

UPDATE: 6 p.m.

Lorain County deputies have positively identified the body as Cory Barron, 22, of Fremont. 

Original post

Lorain County deputies and the Lorain County coroner have been at the landfill for about two hours, according to the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram.

The coroner confirmed the body is that of a man who appears to be in his 20s. 

The find comes more than 72 hours after a Fremont man, Cory Barron, 22, disappeared during a Friday-night concert at Cleveland's Progressive Field. 

Officials have not identified the body. 

Check back for updates as they happen.



My prayers go out to the family.... I heard on WTAM 1100 the sad news


How sad! It makes you wonder about safety around Progressive. I wonder what the young man got himself into?


Cleveland News is confirming it was him. So sad for the family.


My son is going to a concert tomorrow, this is making me extremely nervous.I wish he would stay home, but he is grown and I can't stop him. I just pray and trust he comes home


13abc just said it was the young man from Fremont. So sad, prayers to the family


Cory's cell phone "pinged" at the Taste of Tremont, on Sunday afternoon.


That's in Cleveland. That doesn't mean, however, that's where he was.


Duh. And duh.

2cents's picture

Friends of mine went to Tremont Sunday, it has it ups and downs, one of our kids was there a few weeks ago for dinner. Unpredictable but we all know someone just had his phone there and he was probably in a dumpster that was dumped in the land fill. There have been four people found dead in the Cleveland area in the past week, not a good start. 2cents, always packin !


Confirmed to be Cory. RIP and deepest condolences to his friends and family.

Dr. Information

Its nearly impossible to be kidnapped and taken out of progressive field during a game or concert. There are so many people, vendors, and SECURITY out the rear end. This young man was either really drunk or on drugs and left the concert and got into a really bad situation. Very saddening.



If you been to progressive Field and where the names are engraved in the bricks under that area there is a private parking area. It is very secure also that is where the trash compactor is located. On the fifth deck there are two shoot locations one I know is behind section A. The other is down by section F and G I believe. Those two shoots are for the vendors to put their trash in and goes directly to the automated compactor. Even knowing that I still find it hard to believe that nobody saw nothing. Those shoots are supposed to be locked when not in use but I have seen them left open before. There about 2 1/2 feet tall by 4 feet wide. There are also security cameras that cover those as well. I think when the autopsy comes out the police will take action and will learn a lot more about this terrible situation.
I could not imagine what the parents and family and friends are going through right now as my deepest sympathy and prayers go out to them.


yes, this is very sad and I hope they find who did it.


I read on Facebook that they believe he fell down a garbage chute.....


1. If his phone was on him when it pinged, maybe the garbage truck was at a Taste of Tremont. 2. If cel was not found, then the killer had it there.

2cents's picture

Good points, a lot more will be known when the find out the pickup schedule and truck routs.


waiting to hear how Sandusky Co Sheriff's Dept is responsible for this.

sandtown born a...

Thank god it happened OUTSIDE of Sandusky corrupt county


The dumpster those chutes lead to is a 36yd. Single load, single dump so it would not have picked up any more waste on the way because it is a sealed 36 yd. container with a trash compactor built into it. In other words the driver picks it up at Progressive field then go to Lorain County dump which is owned and operated by Republic Waste Mgmt. who also own the dumpster.


My heart goes out to the family. I sure hope authorities are able to piece together what happened.


Did he go to the concert alone?


I wouldn't worry too much about the safety of these concerts and events. From everything that's been reported, it sounds as if he was very intoxicated and fell down the garbage chute. Either way, terrible news. I feel for the family as this would be impossibly difficult to get through.


Sad thing is, is he fell down the chute or was somehow stuck IN the chute & was screaming for his life, no one would have heard him because of the loud twang music continuously blasting away.


Or he was just wasted and passed out?


The cellphone ping leads to another reason for his death, robbery? then push an intoxicated person down the chute? Lots of questions. My sympathy to the family & all of his friends.