Break dance at the Plaza

Sandusky natives bust a move downtown
Luke Wark
Jul 21, 2014


Friends Kyle "Flipz" Jenkins and Jason "JGO" Jones spent some time at the Schade Mylader Plaza on Monday afternoon practicing their dance moves.

The friends, both natives of Sandusky, helped each other work on their dance moves on a roll up section of linoleum under a sunny afternoon sky.

Jenkins, now living in Columbus and a member of the competative dance crew Floor Kingz, critiqued Jones on his moves and suggested improvements. Before the two called it a day they sparred off in a friendly break dance competition, trying to one up another with their individual moves.



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No, you have just come across a story about the not so elusive attention hog. This species is native to Sandusky and their diet consists mainly of attention from others. They harvest this attention by doing acts in public that normally could be done just about anywhere. They need a constant feed of attention to support the amount of energy it takes to carry their equipment (such as roll-up linoleum) to different locations, rather than just using it where they are.

You can safely observe the non-elusive attention hog is their new native habitat called Facebook.


Agreed. The last thing we need is to inspire the youth of today to put down the video game controllers, step foot outside of their homes and be physically active.


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Very cool. Love the pics and who doesn't love coming across street musicians and performers? Way cooler in person than watching performances on America's Got Talent or some other tv program while you stuff your face with chips and sugar free sodas!
Wished I could have been there! Love the nuns at the Bay picture too. Thanks for sharing!


Flips was a dancer for the Scream Team at the Cleveland Cavaliers game. He performed during half time and timeout. This is a great thing for this city youth to see on the front page.