Fremont man missing

Man hasn't been seen since attending Friday concert in Cleveland
Andy Ouriel
Jul 20, 2014


As of Sunday night, a Fremont man remains missing 48 hours after last being seen at a concert in Cleveland.

Several Cleveland-based media companies have reported Cory Barron, 22, disappeared during a Friday night country music show at Progressive Field, where the Cleveland Indians play home baseball games.

He was last seen around 9:30 p.m. Friday at Gate A. He was wearing jeans, a white Budweiser T-shirt, a jean vest and a bandana around his head, according to ABC 5 in Cleveland.

On Sunday, Cleveland police personnel launched a full search to find Barron, who attended the concert with family and friends. Police officers searched by foot, car and in the sky to see if they could find him. The search turned up fruitless.

If you have any information on the case, contact Cleveland police at 216-621-1234.




How tragic ~ hope they find this man alive an well somewhere. Thoughts and prayers to his family.


I hope He just met up with a cute cowgirl, and having a great time.


What are we missing here? A 22 year old just disappears? Was he intoxicated? Was he handicapped or anything? How does a person just "vanish" from a concert?


ann coulter is implicated


He was with family and friends so how did they lose track of him? More to this story for sure.


According to another news source he left to get a beer and didn't come back. Scary to think a man that big can be taken. Hoping for the best.


"The search turned up fruitless."

Nope. That is the same as saying, "The search turned up futile."

Hopefully Cory's tale ends better than this article. My heart goes out to his friends and family.


I'd disappear too, if I lived in Fremont.


not very good choice of words IDIOT


Heard he was found.