(Updated 8 p.m. Sunday) Crash central Saturday in Perkins

The township hosted at least four serious crashes.
Andy Ouriel
Jul 20, 2014


At least four serious car crashes occurred within a 12-hour span on Saturday in Perkins Township.

Shortly after each crash occurred, information on them was limited. The Register, however, followed up on each crash late Saturday and throughout Sunday.

Here's what has been confirmed thus far:


Crash 1: 11 a.m. on Milan Road and East Perkins Avenue near Pat Catan's

• What happened: Perkins police Officer Martin Curran said a car, from the area near Pat Catan's, turned out of the parking lot heading north on Milan Road (U.S. 250). The car then struck another car also heading north. No injuries reported.


Crash 2: 12:50 p.m. on Bogart Road and Columbus Avenue 

• What happened: Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper John McGlashan of the Sandusky post said a Bogart Road resident driving a van experienced a seizure as he approached the Columbus Avenue intersection.

The driver ended up going off the road, traveling through two yards, and only came to a stop after striking a mailbox and some other shrubbery. The driver somehow managed to avoid all other vehicles.

As this happened — with his car swerving in and out of the road — his two 14-year-old sons were inside of the van. Sometime during the chaos, the two boys jumped out of the van. The right-rear tire rolled over both of the boys' right ankles. Their injuries, however, were minor.

"They are lucky boys," McGlashan said.


Crash 3: 5:35 p.m. on East Perkins Avenue by Rally's

• What happened: A Perkins police report indicates three vehicles were involved in a crash. It appears, from a related diagram, the three cars traveled in a line. The car furthest back ended up colliding into the car traveling in the middle of the three. This caused a chain reaction. No injuries reported.


Crash 4: 10:50 p.m. on Milan Road by Applebee's 

• What happened: A multi-car crash happened at this dangerous intersection, triggered by one car running a red light. Four people were taken to the hospital for minor injuries, according to Perkins police Sgt. Mark Kusser. 


Several other smaller crashes happened around the township on Saturday, including around:

• 12:30 p.m. — within 2500 block of Ohio 4, two cars crashed into one another. No injuries reported.

• 12:40 p.m. — on Milan Road by East Perkins Avenue, while driving, a man's dog jumped from the back seat into the front, causing the man's foot to slip off the brakes. His vehicle then rolled into a car in front of him. No injuries reported.

• 4:20 p.m. — on Milan Road near Walmart, one driver slammed his or her car into another moving car. No injuries reported. 



I'm shocked more are not happening at 250 & Strub. What 5 year old designed 2 turn lanes that immediately merge to a single lane?

William Jeffers...

He was 7

Licorice Schtick

It's amazing how many people are instant experts ready to criticize anything new they don't understand.


Explain the point of the short merge then, Licorice Schtick. Help us understand since you seem to know why it's better.


By law, the ending lane yields. Must come to a complete stop if they must. Courteous drivers will let you in but they do not have to. The merge can be confusing to new drivers but the experienced should have no problems. To help matters, the county could reduce the speed limit to 35mph along that section of Strub.


Confusing to "new" drivers....how about 75% of the 30-50 year olds in the world. The "I am more important than you crowd". Those who think they are entitled to go before anyone else and/or do not know how to merge properly. I am not sure they even still teach proper merging techniques in driver's ed.


Confusing to "new" drivers....how about 75% of the 30-50 year olds in the world. The "I am more important than you crowd". Those who think they are entitled to go before anyone else and/or do not know how to merge properly. I am not sure they even still teach proper merging techniques in driver's ed.


Most people don't know backing out of their driveway is illegal. Skills are skills. Driving basics have been lost or more likely never learned.

JudgeMeNot's picture

Blowhard, will you please stop with the nonsense. You are so wrong. It is perfectly legal for one to back out a driveway. A city street is not defined as a freeway.

ORC 4511.38 (A)

freeway definition: an express highway, especially one with controlled access.

Taxed Enough Already



I really wish the Register would investigate whoever thought that quick merge was a good idea. I'd really like to know the thought process behind it. I've turned there three times so far and each time vehicles are forced to stop as drivers fight to merge, then everyone else gets backed up. Which lane has the right of way? That turn is an accident waiting to happen. It is a terribly flawed design.


I have never understood those. Not just this intersection but any that merge so quickly. Many have trouble just merging. Let alone so soon after a turn.


I don't think either lane has right of way considering it is a merge like that.

It is one of the most pointless things they could do.

Bring back the right turn lane for 250 north onto east strub.

JMOP's picture

I'm with you on that one Wald.

I didn't even realize there were double left turns there. When I was at the red light, there was only one car to the right of me turning, but I had about five cars behind me thinking why isn't there anymore behind the one car. Soon after the turned I knew why. An immediate merge. Makes no sense to me either.


SR, I believe the general consensus is you are now a subdivision of the Cleveland division of the FBI. Congratulations!

From the Grave

I'm sure the idea is that it eliminates a long line in the left turn lane, and allows(theoretically)twice as many cars to turn left, assuming that they merge every other car in a orderly manner. The only thing that it can't account for is that people are generally assholees.

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What about the truck and car by Home Depot on 250 about 8:00 PM last night? Going to have to get some of these like they have in NYC : )



Bring back the bumper. Good and heavy ones like on the 1957 Buick and Oldsmobile.


Agree about that silly 2-lane turn at Strub & 250. We've got 1 in Huron on 6 at Rye Beach, but it at least gives the tourists a LITTLE time to merge. Strub doesn't.


I just went out on 250 toward mall for first time since work was done out there. Saw that turn lane onto Strub Rd., was almost an accident as the one car didn't want the merging car to cut in front of him. That merge lane is way to short and some think if they use that lane that they can get in front of other cars sooner. Again, this was a bad idea and really think they didn't think clearly on what they were doing when they made it.

local man

traffic used to back up due to cars turning left into Burger King, 2 lanes allow better traffic flow, what I want to know is who decision was it to screw the businesses along Milan Rd. Champion Windows and the Pet Store come to mind, no proper turns into their businesses I don't go to Burger King anymore, don't like one entranceway.


puff the magic dragon

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I don’t understand why you won’t just stfu, you add nothing relevant, useful, valid, intelligent, moral to any discussion you comment-bomb..


Form of Epilepsy known as Silent Seizures. Most of the time, person freezes for about 10-15 seconds, and remembers nothing of the incident at all. About 50 million Americans have this and are unaware. Get an EEG and MRI to confirm. Also called Petit Mal Seizures.


My father had a seizure in bed with his wife there to confirm it was a seizure, cop showed up before the squad and agreed it was a seizure. Had a complete work up, was in the hospital for about a week. MRI, EEGs, work the headgear stuff for 3 days to map the brain waves, every test a doctor can order....couldn't find a dang thing wrong. He was without his drivers license for 5 months, just in case. He goes back for check ups and doctors run tests routinely. But not everything shows up on scans/tests.


The only place my kids almost got hit in this city is the Walmart parking lot. I say it's the most dangerous parking lot in the city!!!! You get drivers who don't slow down and don't look where they are going. It's crazy.


Walmart is not in Sandusky. Unless you now consider Perkins Township a city.

Stop It

We know it's not in Sandtown. We also know it's called Sandusky Wal-Mart. Just as good as Sandusky Mall.


I hate to drive Route 250 in the summer and not too keen at other times either. Remember a friend who is a State Highway Patrolman said we can pretty much on a busy day just park a car somewhere on the road and just wait to hear the crash. Said it has everything to do with folks traveling to close to the car in front of them and its a chain reaction.

Last week I had a woman driving a Dodge mini van so close to my rear bumper. I finally just slowed and slowed till she quickly changed lanes and speed down the road. We watched as she got down the road and she about rear ended a gal infront of the Sandusky Mall who has slowed for a car in front turning into the mall.

This gal had New York plates and she just felt she had to be on the car's bumper in front of her..............guess she thought Cedar Point might close before she got there.

There for a while the State Highway Patrol was working Route 250 between Route 2 and Perkins Avenue and stopping and ticketing cars for traveling too close to the car in front. Have not seen that taking place lately. I think that did save a lot of accidents.


I have no clue why they would put the sandusky nall right on 250 and then just add to it they have Cedar Point taffic as well . It doesnt make sense

Stop It

Do you realize how....



Ha...HA...Ha...my thought...too




I see no name so it must be some high officials from our area.