A beautiful mind

Gabe DeFreitas is not your typical 17-year-old and his future plans are anything but
Alex Green
Jul 20, 2014



Gaberiel DeFreitas knows what it feels like to have a beautiful mind.

He recently received a 35 on his ACT. A perfect score is 36.

He's spent his three years in high school as the No. 1 ranked student at Port Clinton High School.

He also qualified for the National Spelling Bee in eighth grade.

And that's just part of it.

His mother, city councilwoman Nicole DeFreitas, has thoroughly enjoyed watching him develop a bit differently than the average kid, and now she is excited to watch what Gaberiel does moving forward.

"We don't want him to leave us," Nicole said. "But it's exciting to see the work he's done since he was a little boy."

Gaberiel, 17, has clearly set himself up well for at least his next four years — unless he graduates college early — and into the future.

Columbia, University of Chicago, Harvard and Georgetown are all on his short list. Columbia would be his first choice now, but he said he needs to visit more schools before he can make a decision.

Throughout the countless achievements and moments of brilliance throughout Gaberiel's young life, his mother admires other traits unrelated to intelligence.

"I'm obviously very proud, but I'm most proud of the person he is," Nicole said. "He's very kind. He thinks of others and his determination is his greatest strength."

She said all the intelligence in the world is useless if it's not put to good use, something she has gotten through to her son.

"He puts his mind to it and accomplishes it," Nicole said. "He tries to do the most with the gift he's been given."

Gaberiel says he would like to study either economics or urban planning, perhaps in pursuit of a government job in a big city.

"So many people live in (cities), they're very important," Gaberiel said.

He's had a passion for government, big and small, since he was young enough to understand the concepts. And that mark came earlier for him than for most.

He volunteered for the Obama campaign as a sixth grader and has worked on a multitude of local campaigns since then.

With election season around the corner, Gaberiel has spent this summer volunteering for the Ottawa County Democratic Party.

There is no doubt he's gifted. But to get to his level of brilliance, it takes more than genetics, or natural gifts, or anywhere else his intelligence might derive from.

"There's a lot of hard work that goes with it," Gaberiel said.



Wow, brilliant but trained to see government as a place to do the most good. Sad.


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Wow really SR? A lot more has been said on many articles, but unfortunately it didn't fit your liberal agenda so you removed it? Pathetic.

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I just knew this article would bring out the right wing wacko's !!!



Take your blinders off, rottn. Sometimes its simply about competence or LACK THEREOF. The whole world is laughing at US; except it's not funny.

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Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

Florence Nightingale

THAT'S your mark of horrible parenting?!? Wow.


I can't believe how trashy that comment was.

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I respect their intelligence. But no offense I wouldn't want this to be my children:



Don't get me wrong I wish I could've scored anything close to a 35 on my ACT as a senior. And I don't mean this towards Alex specifically, but most kids who are that "smart" lack common sense, basic social skills and friends in general. Stating the truth doesn't make it a trashy comment.


It is trashy, and so are you. Whatever point you are trying to make, its disgusting, and no one cares


I'll assume that none of the people making comments about this young man know him personally. The sad truth is this young man has probably accomplished more than a lot of you or I have in our lives. He's on his way to doing a lot more with his life. So congrats young man and good luck on your future endeavors.


Yes, really, REALLY smart kids are "odd beyond belief." That's odd in a GOOD way -- as in RARE! I don't doubt Gaberiel's heard it all, or at least most of it. I hope he remembers that kids doubtless made fun of Bill Gates, too...

Now, about that high IQ and work ethic, Gabriel: Please don't waste yourself on government! That's where the mediocre go to achieve! If you really are as smart as I think you are, you've rethought that whole Obama thing now, too...right? (A smart kid should, of course, be familiar with the quote attributed to Winston Churchill that says if you're young and not a liberal, we worry about your heart; if you're mature and not a conservative, we worry about your brain!)


Like I said, this will bring out all the right wing wacko's !!



Easily amused.


Samuel Adams - I always enjoy reading your comments.


Samuel Adams - I always enjoy reading your comments.

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Here's something from a right wing wacko:

Great job young man, on all of your accomplishments so far in your young life. Keep your visions clear and focused, as you proven you already have. Nothing can stop a determined mind.

As far as the democratic party, I'm sure you'll be the smartest member, if not already are.

Good luck with all your ventures, and congratulations.

Finn Finn

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Finn Finn

??? . . . I got this information on public website "LinkedIn". It is more or less her publicly accessible resume. What's so personal???


The SR tends to favor the Democratic party and may not want it known that this PR piece arises from political connections.

Did the young man do an outstanding job and does he sound like a fine young man. Yes, but his feat is not that unusual as one of my children received the same score and was involved in community activities and didn't make the front page of any newspaper for it.


What an amazing kid! I am sickened that people would call a talented gifted kid they've never met "odd" on a public forum and bash his family too? Unbelieveable. I wish this young man all the best in whatever he chooses to do in life! It's nice to see stories like this that highlight the potential in some of our kids rather than hearing about yet another kid who's a thief, a druggie, high school drop-out etc.


Everyone around here thinks you're 'odd' if you don't conform or agree with the majority or do something different than others. I file it under closed minds. Do your own thing and don't worry about what others think.

Julie R.

Congrats Gaberiel and I wish you all the best in what looks like a very bright future. Your mother says she's most proud of the person you are, that you're very kind, you think of others, and your determination is your greatest strength. Congrats on that, too, young man!


I find it funny how this lame paper will delete conservatives comments and the constant name calling liberals comments are left on.

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You have to remember that liberals are indeed open and tolerant to all views and opinions... So long as those views and opinions line up directly with theirs.


Im going through every story and flagging comments that name call and such. Lets see how this goes.

Stop It

That'll keep ya busy for awhile. Let us all know how it works out.


Like I figured nothing.


Shame on you people for some of these negative comments about a 17 year old child. What an amazing young man with a bright future ahead of him and all you can do is make rude and negative comments. Way to go Gabe! Your future is bright. Keep it up! Heck, I only wished I could have gotten even close to a 35 on my ACT or accomplished all that he has academically in his life. Nothing wrong with the parents here. They have done an excellent job!


Shame on you? really? let people speak their minds. i don't think they really care what you think about their exercise of freedom of speech.

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The Hero Zone

Gabriel, good job studying and working hard toward what you want to do in life. This next phase of your life will get interesting really quickly. But it sounds like you have the support of your parents and others in your and other communities. You have an ally here, as well. Be as smart, odd, or different as you wish as long as you are being yourself.