Sweet corn express

Drivers have a quick stop for fresh sweet corn
Luke Wark
Jul 18, 2014


Those in search of some of the freshest sweet corn in the area should consider the Puckrin sweet corn drive-thru on Campbell Street.

The Puckrin family, who farm around 900-acres of land around the area, have been selling their sweet corn fresh from the field for more than 40 years.

Each morning they load a wagon full of sweet corn then sell it by the bakers dozen and half-dozen to customers who can pull in and around the drive for the most convenient corn in town.

The corn is available for purchase from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., seven days a week



IMHO the best available.


True, true.
One of my reasons for moving back from CA.... and perch and walleye..

The Answer Person

The best in the area bar none!


Wish I was there to get some. Love local produce


Been getting Hahn's for years but just had some this past weekend from Puckrin's. Delish!!


Really? To each his own I guess. I prefer Hahn's or Mulvin's.


That Blonde is a Cutie..Oh yea, Good Corn too! :D


Hahn corn is the best. Cannot be beat!


Everything I've ever purchased from Mulvins has turned out to be rotted - u couldn't PAY me to go back! Yuck!


Where are they located?