PIB police 'out of your minds'

Strange arrests don't appear to be 'standard' police behavior
Jul 18, 2014


Criticism of Put-in-Bay police Chief Ric Lampela ratcheted up this month as criminal trials of two island hotel employees continued at a slow and agonizing pace.

But Lampela, who skipped a court ordered appearance at a hearing earlier this month related to one of the strange arrests, continues to be a no-show as more questions arise about his leadership.

Two employees of the Put-in-Bay Resort were arrested in September after they refused to talk with police about the hotel's decision to fire another employee.

A third employee was arrested a day earlier after she was unable to immediately provide vendor contracts for a golf cart the resort rented to a guest. Police were investigating a parking violation when they arrested the third employee.

Video surveillance from the hotel's front desk shows how shocked employees were by police behavior.

"Do you have a warrant, officers?" a hotel attorney who was present asked the officers. 

"You're an attorney. You know we handle it later. We don't handle it now," the officer sternly responds. 

The exchange begins at about 2:37 minutes into the surveillance video, which can be viewed at this link, after the first arrest that's also shown in the surveillance. 

The police officer insists the employee, who is at the front desk working, come with him to the police station to be questioned. 

The employee asks how he can assist the officer and tells him he is declining the invitation to go with him to the police station. 

"You're under arrest for unlawful restraint," the officer tells the employee as he slaps handcuffs on him.

"You guys are out of your minds," the employee protests. "Unbelievable." 

 Lampela has refused to return phone calls or comment on the arrests. Island Mayor Margaret Scarpelli also has refused to respond to questions.

She said months ago she was conducting an investigation of the arrests, but she's not contacted any of the hotel staff or the owners since then. 

Lampela was asked via email this morning to review the video and identify the officers involved. 

Ottawa County Prosecutor Mark Mulligan, who allegedly authorized the strange arrests, also has ducked comment and refused to provide information about his involvement. 

The owners of Put-in-Bay Resort have asked Mulligan to drop the charges against the employees and have also asked Village Council to address Lampela's leadership and the un-professional behavior of Put-in-Bay police officers.



Wow! Are these kids wannabe cops? They have to be impersonating police officers! They should be arrested. Lampella should arrest himself for disobeying a court order. Rename PIB to Keystone, Ohio.

my oh my

Several civil rights violations here and OPOTA certifications need to be revoked ASAP....


Unlawful restraint of what? Who or what was he holding against their will? Was that the first thing that popped into his pea brain?


""Do you have a warrant, officers?" a hotel attorney who was present asked the officers.

"You're an attorney. You know we handle it later. We don't handle it now," the officer sternly responds. "
That is pretty incriminating right there.

Licorice Schtick

This is gonna get expensive.


For once I agree with the Register. These young guys are probably right out of the academy and were probably not taught properly about what constitutes obstruction, this obviously did not. I don't even get the unlawful restraint thing, that makes no sense. I am usually pro police and understand the tough job they have, however these guys watch too much tv.


They aren't taught the constitution either nor the Bill of Rights. I would be most cops haven't even seen either of them let alone read them.


Just out of the academy or not PIB Police gets a few lawsuits filed on them and that will definitely calm the actions on their part. Actually, it might be good for come winter when things are very slow on PIB and these police newbies are laid off they can be keep on the job testifying in court etc in the lawsuits. So it might be a good financial thing for them to get sued multiple times along with other village officials. Be a great winter job !!!


Why isnt the Attorney General looking in to these antics?? I am pro-police but wow!


Attorney General? LOL!!! Seriously? He's isn't an attorney general but a politician