Liberals assess 2016 race as Clinton weighs bid

Former first lady is getting elbowed by other members of her party
Associated Press
Jul 16, 2014

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren told a group of young Democrats Wednesday that the political system was "rigged" by powerful lobbyists and the wealthy and made an impassioned case for reducing burdensome student loans. Vice President Joe Biden said he had been on the front lines of debates over income inequality, climate change and gay marriage.

"I've been at the center of most progressive battles for a long, long time," Biden said, in a lengthy speech to Generation Progress. He heard shouts of "We love Joe," as he exited the stage.

Hillary Rodham Clinton remains the dominant figure in Democrats' early 2016 discussions but she is beginning to get elbowed by liberals in her party as she considers a second run for the presidency. Potential 2016 rivals like Biden, Warren and Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley are in the middle of a summertime tour of Democratic constituencies, frequently appealing to liberal activists who want a more populist approach to the economy and question the deporting of an influx of immigrant children from Central America.

Clinton, who dominates early 2016 polls, may avoid a significant primary challenge if she runs for president. Biden has kept all options open, Warren has repeatedly denied interest, while O'Malley promotes his record in Maryland as a model in the party and is actively exploring a campaign. But the jousting shows an interest in an alternative, and preparations in the event Clinton doesn't run.

"Ongoing current events give her potential opponents an opportunity to position themselves in contrast to her," said Democratic strategist Tom McMahon.

Biden, who will address the liberal Netroots Nation conference in Detroit later this week along with Warren, noted his role as a leading advocate for President Barack Obama's agenda in a wide-ranging speech that touched upon issues like domestic violence, voting rights and the problems of corrosive politics.

Biden said he's often referred to as "middle class Joe," telling the students that the economic bargain of years past had been broken and needed to be restored.

"Folks in the middle, they need to be cut into the deal, not cut out," Biden said. "The folks at the bottom need to know that they have the chance to climb the ladder."

Biden has maintained ties to the early voting states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina and projects a blue-collar image in contrast to the former first lady's recent stumbles over discussions of her family's wealth.

Warren has become a hero of the party's economic populists, railing against high student loan debt at a time when Clinton has received six-figure speaking fees on college campuses. She passes them along to her family's foundation.

In her speech, Warren detailed "how Washington is a rigged game" and said her bill to help students refinance their college loans at lower rates had been blocked by Senate Republicans and she cast blame on Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky.

"Our voices matter and it's time to use them. Together that's how we make sure that our government works," Warren said.

Warren has turned into a go-to surrogate for Senate candidates, campaigning for Democrats in Oregon, Kentucky and West Virginia. She planned to raise money for Rep. Gary Peters, who is seeking Michigan's open Senate seat, during her trip to Detroit for Netroots Nation and was ending the week in Los Angeles at the National Council of La Raza, where immigration will be a leading topic.

O'Malley has made trips to Iowa and New Hampshire in the past month and notably distanced himself from both Clinton and Obama on the crisis along the Mexican border.

"We are not a country that should turn children away and send them back to certain death," O'Malley told reporters in Nashville, Tennessee, during a weekend meeting of the National Governors Association.

Clinton cited the need to reunite the children with their families but said during a CNN forum in June that the U.S. needed to "send a clear message: Just because your child gets across the border doesn't mean your child gets to stay."

During her book tour, Clinton has frequently cited the economic struggles of many Americans who have yet to partake in the recovery and pointed to the broad-based growth in jobs during her husband's two terms in the White House. In an interview with German news magazine Der Spiegel, Clinton said the work of Thomas Piketty, the economist and best-selling author, showed that income inequality was "threatening to democracy."

That message could help her connect with liberals, who have been wary of her ties to Wall Street and the corporate support of the Clinton Foundation. Liberals are closely watching how Clinton might frame an economic agenda in a potential presidential campaign.

"She has to figure out what's her message for a new American electorate: African-Americans, Hispanics, young people, women, all of whom are suffering," said Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America's Future.



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I'd rather see you make replies full of logic, citation, and proof to counter their claims. That leaves them to dash against your rocks like waves. You'll be seen as mature and the long-term victor since they can't keep up with you logically, philosophically, nor mentally.

Let people call each other names. Demand better of them by holding yourself to a higher standard. I don't know if you despise me, are neutral towards me, or like me in some capacity. But regardless of that view I hope you'll see that I've been consistent in my message delivery and tone.

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Conveniently, the Treasury Department working paper they’ve referenced does measure tax changes as a percentage of GDP. By this single best measure, the largest tax increase in modern history was under their conservative hero, President Ronald Reagan, in 1982, and was 25% larger than President Obama’s proposal


Re: "25% larger than President Obama’s proposal,"

Off-topic, blather dog. However:

Apples and oranges.

Pres. Reagan had a Dem Congress (compromise), Pres. "My way or the highway" Obama (currently) has a split Congress.

Remains to be seen what happens to the Senate in Nov.


Look at all the hypocrites who dislike the 1% throw their support behind someone worth 80 million. Hillary is a know scam artist who term as secretary of state has lead to the overseas crises we now see. Hypocrites.


Clinton for President 2016 campaign slogan:

"What difference at this point does it make?” lol

Bottom Line

Who has accomplished less for their respective voters? Hillary Clinton or Marcy Kaptur?




^^He had to go look up Marcy Kaptur because he didn't know who she was. Stay tuned folks for more nonsensical insults.

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No nothing knucklehead.

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Careful, dog. You're only a heartbeat away......



Drop dead , Darwin.

Dr. Information

Although I don't think America is down for another full of lies Clinton, she would be a step up better than what we have now. At least I think she would attempt to bring Congress somewhat back together than isolating parties against each other and then leading this country like a dictator like Obama has.

Obama has fooled everyone, he is smarter than most of you. He single handily has split Congress like God parted the Red Sea so that he has complete control and does what he wants while everyone around him isn't paying attention and fighting.


Re: "Clinton,"

Gov. Clinton said that when voters elected him, they got a two-for-one.

So, she's already served 8 yrs., PLUS she had "Hillarycare" blow up!

Then, the black guy that the Dems passed her over for in '08 got his version of her boondoggle passed.

Mrs. Clinton is a retread - NEXT!

Stay home and spoil the grandbaby.

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Man, you right wingnuts will go totally bananas, 1st a Black man then followed by a woman. BOOM!


Half black dog. And even if he was a white guy he would still suck as president.


Only a sexist would vote for someone because of their gender. I guess that would make you either a
1. A racist,sexist hypocrite.
2. Retarded (By that i mean a unthinking Democrat)
Your choice.


Big Dog -

If , and probably when , Hillary becomes president.... can you imagine how crazy and rabid all these rightwing jackasses are going to be ?
They'll literally be foaming at the mouth.

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Oh yes they will. They will jumping off buildings and bridges. Yea!


Re: "Hillary becomes president,"

Hubby was and is very cozy with Wall St. It appears that the Mrs. will be little different.

If you want a 'good' leftist, Sen. Warren is your best bet.

"Dem base: Fine with Hillary Clinton, pining for Elizabeth Warren,"


The title is a typo. It should read: Liberal '*sses.' :)