Man pursues "not guilty" plea in child murder case

Doctor suggests Castile could be not guilty by reason of insanity
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 17, 2014

The Sandusky man accused of fatally stabbing his cousin's infant continues to pursue a “not guilty” plea due to his mental health issues.

Denzel Castile, 20, made an appearance Wednesday at a brief hearing in Erie County Common Pleas Court Judge Tygh Tone's court room.

The proceedings centered on a recent report issued by Dr. Lucia Hinojosa, Castile's doctor at the Northwest Ohio Psychiatric Hospital.

“(That report) suggests he does meet the requirement for the 'not guilty by reason of insanity' plea,” said defense attorney Jeff Whitacre, who's representing Castile along with Peter Rost.

But before Tone includes the report in Castile's case file, Erie County assistant prosecutor Maryann Barylski asked that the state have the opportunity to review it, Whitacre said.

The attorney also said prosecutors may ask for a second opinion, because Hinojosa has been Castile's doctor since he was admitted to the hospital shortly after the stabbing.

Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter previously said he'll likely ask for a second opinion in the interest of being thorough.

Additionally, both the prosecution and defense plan to meet next month to hash out issues surrounding the new case development, namely concerns of the family and other legal matters.

Wednesday's hearing came about three months after Hinojosa said Castile was now able to aid his attorneys in his own defense. However, his ability to stand trial is a separate issue from whether he was legally insane on May 16, 2013, the day of the stabbing.

On that day, Castile had a brief tussle with family members at a Dewey Street home. During the melee, Castile allegedly stabbed his cousin's 11-week-old daughter, Athena Castile.

Family members later told police they'd witnessed a notable shift in Castile's mental status after he concluded his first year of college—Athena's death came shortly after he returned home for summer vacation.

Just as they did at Castile's April hearing, nearly 30 relatives filled the benches in Tone's courtroom on Wednesday.

Castile will return to the psychiatric hospital pending further proceedings.



How convenient.


He has a psychological illness (supposedly), which makes this so difficult. The kid had potential- he was in college. Killing an almost 3 month old baby is NOT excusable, however. He deserves at least life in prison without parole.


I disagree. Everyone that I know that knows this guy thinks he is ill.

Bottom Line

Oh well I'm sold. As long as your cronies say so. Who'd think that you would try to provide excuses for a baby killer who happens to be black?

If he was white, you'd post some bogus stat about how white males are 8 times more likely to kill a family member. Then someone would ask for your source and your response would be "just look it up right wingnut."

Being that most of us don't care about skin color nearly as much as you, we know this guy should at least be locked up for life. Just like that waste of life, Milner.


I can't speak to his potential punishment but the guy is mentally ill and just happens to be black. You have never seen me write bogus stuff about white people. Prove me wrong.


Well now, lets just make this even then. How about we accept he is insane, and we just allow another insane person stab and kill the piece of poop. There, all is handled.


Is that justice? I think not!


The electric chair and death chamber cures all sorts of mental illnesses in a matter of minutes.
As a curious side note it helps die hard atheist to find god as well.

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I herd that wish they would do some trial runs

he said she said

Having a mental illness doesn't mean I'm not college material, it just means that I have medications that I have to take to keep everything running smoothly. I have a mental illness and I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree holding steady with a 4.6 GPA. I have times where I go on my "3 day vacation" in the Psychiatric ward at the hospital when I feel something is not right with my body.

A child that is undiagnosed with a mental illness gets worse over time. They don't learn how to handle it. The stress of college and coming home to a weeks old baby could have pushed him over the edge.

I'm not defending him but dealing with a mental illness myself, I know that if I 'go over the edge" it would be out of my control.


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