Dog escapes, kills chickens

Owner turned dog over to Erie County dog warden
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 17, 2014


A Sandusky man was cited Monday after his dog escaped, then attacked and killed a McEwen Street resident's chickens.

Steven Sartor, 28, of the 900 block of Wayne St., was charged with dog at large and not having a dog license.

A Husky mixed-breed dog managed to escape underneath Sartor's fence Monday and made its way to the 500 block of McEwen Street, according to a Sandusky police report.

There, the dog attacked three chickens, leaving behind piles of feathers. The dog killed two and injured another badly enough it needed to be put down, the report said.

Officers eventually had to use a Taser to catch the dog, as it refused to come close. Prior to that, officers had chased it down Ogontz, Ontario, First, Fifth and Farwell streets, with the dog at one point swimming through the lake to elude capture.

When police did snag the animal, they found expired tags which led them back to Sartor. He said the dog once belonged to his brother and he no longer wanted to be responsible for it. Sartor then signed the dog over to the Erie County dog warden.

The woman, meanwhile, said her other 12 chickens had fled the property, but will likely return once they feel safe. She valued each bird at $35 to $50.



even the dogs in sandusky are gangsta!! also, with the price of those birds, steak is starting to look very economical..


All dogs are gangstas ... they run in packs and the meanest is the leader.

Very primitive


So you cannot have a dog at large in Sandusky , but you can have chickens roam free? Did she get a ticket for fowl running loose?


Sandusky residents can own chickens (there’s no limit), but they can't own roosters, according to city law. The chickens must be kept in some sort of enclosure, so they don’t run onto other people’s properties.


Exactly Mum....she stated they had left the property but would return when they felt safe. Were they roaming free? Our village also has a law about free roaming. Just like dogs, they must be contained.

nosey rosey

You do know that chickens can fly right?


Then the enclosure better be a chicken coop with a top on it right? How would the dog had even got in there to begin with then. Yes I know chickens can some what fly.


There are many loose birds in Sandusky.Chickens fly short distances because they are birds. If the dog could dig under its backyard fence it would most certainly dig under a coop fence. A fenced top would trap the birds. A topless coop can be hunted by raptors, but most will likely escape predation because they can fly.


Domestic chickens are not capable of long distance flight, although lighter birds are generally capable of flying for short distances, such as over fences or into trees (where they would naturally roost).


Dogs.. When they find something the first thing they try to do is eat it. If it cant, Then it tries sex with it .... If it cant.. Then it just tears it up.


And they are given human status and rights as a police officer.

mimi's word

Do you own a dog? My dogs first action is to sniff it...than if it moves they might try and catch it to play. They don't try to have sex with it...nor do they tear it up unless paper or their toys...


was it big dog?


The dogs owner takes the easy way out and the dog pays the price. Nice.