No indictments in Burdine case

Grand jury issued report shortly after adjourning
Jul 15, 2014


The grand jury in the Craig Burdine case has announced it will not be issuing any indictments into his death.

"According to the grand jury's report, the grand jury did not find any probable cause or evidence to support the allegations of criminal death or a cover-up by public officials," according to a statement released this afternoon by the office of Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

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told you guys, now let the conspiracies begin......


Saw this one coming a long time ago. I really wish people would have read Dr. Baden's entire deposition so they would have realized how over the top his theories were.


Yet another Dog and pony show from the AG and Sandusky County....There is a whole lot of 'something' in that big ole' wood pile !!


Were the jurors in on it? The Burdine family was allowed to tell the jury everything they wanted to and Dr. Baden explained his theories for nearly four hours. Maybe there wasn't an indictment because there was only accusations and zero evidence.

my oh my

No surprise here..Several out of school statements made by family and also local media that were inaccurate for sure didn't help "this case" ..No other option here to but "No Bill" it...


No civil case evidence, no criminal case evidence. evidence, hopefully this is over!


The Toledo Blade has the Grand Jury Report.


What next?? The Put-in-Bay saga??


Oh you betcha.


Maybe the Sandusky Register isn't "helping" to better anything at all! No cover ups by Sandusky County in any of the cases and it's only something for the register to abuse it's first amendment right to unjustly criticize the Attorney General office, Sheriff's Office, Fremont PD and everyone else they have a vendetta against. The constant tabloid style opinion of an editor against public service shows a lack of interest in community events and good news that is front page worthy. Thank goodness I read this paper online and do not pay for the print edition!


The grand jury can only go by what has been presented and someone really did a poor job on purpose. It was obvious about what went on or didn't go on.


Darkhorse, what was obvious? The family was allowed to testify, Dr. Baden was allowed to tell them that he was killed in jail....but still no bill. Huh....its called no evidence!

4-wheeler al

remember at election time. I still think cover-up but the jury spoke. The End.

Kottage Kat

And the beat goes on.


I see the SR is now working on their next "police corruption" story with the search warrant records request. Really shows how considerate they are of the family they fought so hard to defend, publishing it the same day that this is all over. From one story right into the next one.


you guys go ahead and gloat on this. But I sure hope nothing happens to you guys in Sandusky county like it has happened to the burdines limberios cordles. from the evidence I saw in the burdine and limberios cases can not see how grand jury can come up with what they have. But with burdine case they met once a week so you are supposed to remember stuff. I think Washington needs to come in and investigate Ohio ags office and Sandusky county cause something is not right.thanks to the register for there coverage on this story and others. More stories ti come out of Sandusky county and the register will be there. Maybe the family should make videos available online for you to see on what really happened to craig burdine then you will see audio messed up video messed up to plus show you mug shot pics ag office used that have same bruises in the sane spot. It looked like they took one mug shot from one date and added it to another one date to show jury. Oh how do I know that. Eric burdine questioned that when he testified. I was there when he did. He was gonna bring a pictures in to prove it. Hope you guys know the burdines limberios are not done fighting. The justice for Jake and ella group is not done helping these familys out. Plus I am not done fighting for justice in Sandusky county.


Just devils advocate. What happens if, when, after Washington comes in and you do not get the answers/results you want? I am not saying Sandusky County is right or wrong. Where does it stop? After US AG Eric HOlder? POTUS Obama? How far up the ladder are you going?