Obstruction possibly identified

ODNR removed pipe from water near Battery Park Marina Friday
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 11, 2014


The mysterious obstruction plaguing boaters near Battery Park Marina may have been unmasked.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources had identified something in the water earlier this week through the use of "low-end sonar," said Jeremy Jett, dockmaster at Battery Park Marina.

Friday afternoon, ODNR used a tugboat to move a metal pipe, 12" in diameter and 12-15' in length, from the water near the marina.

"The pipe was about three, three-and-a-half feet under the surface and at an angle," Jett said.

At this point, neither Jett nor ODNR are 100 percent certain this is the obstruction responsible for serious damage to at least two boats in the past several weeks, but they're optimistic.

The pipe has been moved to the Sandusky Coal Dock until it can be removed with a larger piece of equipment.





Somebody dragged a pipe to the lake? How the heck could it have got there to begin with?


Could have been there for decades.


I would have thought there would have been commotion about it before now. Unless for some odd reason it floated just enough to hit the hull of a boat.


I guess it took this long to find and take care of because ODNR was so concerned about the Militia.


pass da pipe Bogart!


i think it was a cannon that the "militia" was hiding, waiting to wreak havoc on the powers that be and overthrow the gub'ment at the barge party..

westend resident

Wasn't there a water intake structure in that area many years ago? My husband remembers it being dismantled. Maybe an underground pipe became dislodged.


Yes, years ago there was a water intake crib about 200 feet off the north side of the battery park wall.


They are secretly building an oil pipeline under the ice during winter so you cannot see the covert activity. This is where the work ended because union problems and the discovery of the government using foreign workers and paying them with the ability to cross the border as they please.


I hope you are kidding.

2cents's picture

I thought these boats were hitting something outside the bay by the rock pile buoy? These comments place the impact zone much closer to shore? The one comment about the pipe for the water line has merit, in the Sandusky Sadler Sailing basin, the old settling basin they used the old pipe in the early 69's to place some of the ends of the docks on. These pipes were maybe 3-4 feet in diameter and my guess about 2 inches thick. It just may be possible that some of this pipe is still laying on the floor of the bay. You would think that it would have settled into the muck but think about how hard this winter was! There has not been such freezing in the lake for a very long time.


No, it was just east of the channel split, in the bay.