Sandusky names fire chief

Capt. Dave Degnan gets the appointment
Andy Ouriel
Jul 11, 2014


Sandusky fire Capt. Dave Degnan has been named the new Sandusky fire chief, according to city manager Eric Wobser, who made the decision.

Degnan, a 17-year firefighter, defeated fellow city fire captain Matt Lesch for the position.

Check back here later or read Friday's Register for more information.


Perkins Resident

The correct choice! Congrats!


THANK GOD! Love ya Dave!

There you go again

Congrats, and we'll miss you Paul Ricci!!!


2 firefighters that put their lives on the line I think there could of been a better word than defeated there. Maybe take a journalism class.

Tsu Dho Nimh


Another Day

Congratulations Dave!


Congratulations Dave and please open #7 Fire Station for us west end residents.

Comrade Boose

First congratulations Dave.

Now to keep station #7 open

1. Stop by Sail In to sign petition to raise the admission tax
2. Vote this November on raising the admission tax
3. Make sure the commission then use the money to fund staffing for police and fire, fix our roads and take care of the dead trees.
4. Help rebuild Sandusky by taking pride in your own home
5. Hold the landlords accountable for their own properties
6. Follow us on facebook at

Last but not least Matt nice job making to the top two you will be an excellent chief one day

SR watcher

Congratulations to Captain (now Fire Chief) Dave Degnan! It's nice to see your tireless dedication to improving Department operations recognized by the City's administration. Good luck, sir, and here's your first salute! You now owe me a dollar. ;-)