Pavement patience pays off

Huron repaving project comes in lower than previous cost estimate
Andy Ouriel
Jul 13, 2014

Waiting a while to pave roads paid major dividends for both Huron officials and city residents.

Rather than bidding out road work in the spring, officials waited until earlier this month to solicit offers from construction company.

The end result?

A low bid to resurface several streets around the Old Plat neighborhood came in at about $374,000, down about 6.5 percent from the estimated price of $400,000.

“I’m very excited we got this bid,” Huron city manager Andy White said. “By waiting a bit, we got a lower price.”

Construction should begin later this month and end by late August or early September. 

Among the asphalt streets slated for a makeover:

• Adams Avenue

• Buckeye Road

• Center Street north of Cleveland Road

• Ohio Street north of Cleveland Road

• South Street

• Wall Street

• West Drive

• Williams Street north of Cleveland Road

A lower-than-expected bid allowed officials to add both Adams Avenue and Buckeye Road to the original list.


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They need to get over to the east side of town. The streets in Elwood Heights are terrible.