Discarded cup links man to February carjacking

Sandusky man arrested on robbery, motor vehicle theft charges
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 10, 2014




A Sandusky man was arrested Sunday for a February carjacking after investigators found his DNA on a cup he tossed to the ground just before the theft.

Darryl Wiggins, 51, of East Adams Street, was charged with robbery, a second-degree felony, and theft of a motor vehicle, a fourth-degree felony.

A 47-year-old Huron man stopped at the Cleveland Road Hy-Miler the evening of Feb. 22 to buy a pack of cigarettes. When he stepped back outside after making his purchase, however, he was met with an unexpected scene.

The man watched as a thief, later identified as Wiggins, hopped into his Chevy Suburban and began to pull away.

The SUV owner gave chase, catching up to the vehicle as it drove off down Roosevelt Street. He managed to partially slide in the passenger seat, but Wiggins sped up, made a hard left turn and sent the man tumbling to the pavement, according to a Sandusky police report.

A Sandusky police officer located the vehicle two days later in the 1000 block of Harrison St., but Wiggins was nowhere in sight and it appeared it had been parked there for several hours, the report said.

But investigators were busy working on a different angle.

Surveillance from the gas station showed Wiggins toss a piece of trash on the ground just before he allegedly stole the Suburban.

Officers ultimately collected a brown paper bag containing a cup and straw from the lot. They sent those items to an Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation crime lab, and in mid-May, agents were able to obtain a match to Wiggins, the report said.

He was arrested Sunday on robbery and thefts warrants, then taken to the Erie County jail.

Wiggins remains behind bars on a $25,000 bond.




I love that he is still trying to keep it cool in his mugshot.

With over 100 priors, that's some serious swagger all right.


Hes representen give him some slack lol


Keep it cool, Wiggs, keep it cool.


mr. wiggs is still in sandusky?


Why did it take 5 months, I watch CSI and they can scan DNA and find a match right at the crime scene.


I can not believe you losers have nothing better to do than to look up peoples priors...what a joke

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Public policing, it just lets the general public know that they are better off getting their concealed carry permit to stay safe because some people just seem to stay out of jail like magic and think they can do whatever they wish, to anyone they wish, anytime they wish. It will take one citizen that puts a bullet right between this guys eyes to make him understand he is not such a bad guy and save the tax payers a few bucks in housing costs!


i agree, since we cant hang him. that would be racist..

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swiss cheese kat

What a loser.

Dr. Information

Not another black man in trouble in Sandusky. No wayyyyyyyyy.