UPDATED: An offer LeBron James can't refuse

Cedar Point offers to rename coaster for LeBron James if he returns
Jul 10, 2014


Woodstock Express wouldn’t work, because he’s just too tall.

“LeBron James’ Top Thrill Dragster” has a nice ring to it.

Reaction was swift and somewhat snarky Wednesday when Cedar Point threw out the latest incentive to lure the NBA’s biggest star back to Ohio.

Rumors have been swirling this week that James is considering a return to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“Hey @KingJames - come back to the @cavs and we’ll rename one of our coasters, ‘King James!,” the park tweeted. “Ball in your court, sir. RT, #Ohio!”

Within minutes, fans and Sandusky Register readers alike began responding to the offer.

Stephen Hartzell suggested renaming the Corkscrew in James’ honor on the Register’s Facebook page.

Michael Benson suggested “Something with the word ‘streak’ in it,” a reference to James’ two championships with the Miami Heat.

Others weren’t as kind.

Mark Malone warned if any ride is named for James, “It would only work three quarters and then quit!”

Facebook friend Carson Van Ness added: “Too bad they got rid of Demon Drop they could have named it Demon Flop for Lebron”

Still others, both on the Register’s website and Facebook page, said the offer was nothing more than a “PR stunt,” which should be extended to members of the military or others they deemed more deserving.

And then there are the fans who turned on James when he left Cleveland for the Heat four years ago with a very public announcement.

Commenter “Cowboy” summed it up: “How stupid!! That’s pathetic!! We don’t even want his sorry butt back here!!”

As of Wednesday afternoon, there hadn’t been any official communication between Cedar Point and James, confirmed Bryan Edwards, the park’s spokesman.

“The offer’s out there,” he told the Register. “The area just got the RNC, we’re home to Cedar Point, this area has a lot to offer”

When asked whether James would select which coaster would bear his name, Edwards laughed. “We’re still discussing it,” he said.





That's just stupid.

Perkins Resident

Attendance must really be down this year.


Great PR move Mr. Edwards!


Pffft! Edwards doesn't look like much of a basketball player, someone please educate him as to how James left us high and dry!


Maybe CP has plans on making one of their coaster rides stop at the top full of riders left hanging there just short of the thrill just like LeBron did to us 4 years ago.


How stupid!! That's pathetic!! We don't even want his sorry butt back here!!


I wouldn't want to ride it. I would be afraid it would quit like he did.

Seen it All





Not everyone feels the same way as you do Cowboy so please don't speak for all Cavs fans. Thank you and have a wonderful day! :)


Fortunately or unfortunately, Cleveland fans have a long memory..... I still have problems watching the "new" Browns. May Art Modell have a thousand years in purgatory.....




I'd take him back in a heartbeat. If he doesn't come back, he'll surpass Art Modell in Cleveland infamy. And ISPSP; you're assuming Art Modell MADE it to purgatory...


Don't name it that!! It will take its thrills to south beach!!


Go for it. Rename Woodstock express "King James" then retheme the area around it as a religous area. In response to PR, We were there the last Friday in June and it was a beautifal day and every coaster was less than 20 minute wait time, they are hurting. Maybe if they would quit doing crap like this and offer some real discounts it may bring more people in. I have been a season Pass holder for over 25 years and I like the place but their prices are getting way out of control.




I can't believe that after four years people are still cutting up about HIS decision to play for another team. Really you blame him for the Cavs not getting a championship so what's stopping them.....I'll wait! They only get the best draft choices in the NBA.....give it a rest already four years is a long time to hold a grudge. .....especially for something as stupid as this....I don't like the way he left! Geesh by the way for everyone who hates the way he left did he call you this time and ask for your permission to exercise his right as a free agent. Exactly!


James is a quitter. Remember the boston game before he left. Indiana last year. The spurs this year and when Cleveland was in the finals. Great talent not so much heart.


Lebron wasn't a 2 time NBA champion when he played for Cleveland. He is now. He's grown and matured into the greatest player in the game. If you don't want the greatest on our team because your feelings got hurt then you're soft and don't know sports. Real Athletes want to win. Cleveland couldn't get him where he wanted to be so he left. Maybe the way he left was shady, but hes willing to come back and take all of us (the fans) where hes now been and had success. We should be happy he's even considering coming back. He's changed in the last for years. his hand is heavier. hes 29 years old and the father of 2 kids soon to be 3. We know the fresh high school graduate James...#FOR6IVEN


What was so shady about his leaving other than the fact that he didn't ask for permission to leave. What the heck...there was nothing shady about it. In fact he said it loud and clear on ESPN. Nothing shady about that or the proceeds he donated from it. Come on he is one athlete that has absolutely nothing to prove and I am sure that if he wanted a ride named after him he could buy his own theme park and do just that lol. Forgiven for what ! SMH......


LeBron does not need Cleveland or Cedar Point! If you want to put his brand name on a coaster, pay him for it. The offer is insulting! Also, LeBron did not leave Cleveland high and dry. He fulfilled all of his contractual duties. Fans don't own him or his talents. He was/is free to make his own choices and he seems to be doing just fine.


Agree Deertracker! If I had been in his shoes, I would have left Cleveland and gone to Miami too!! Anyone in their right mind would have! And any of these "die hard" Cleveland fans that are being cry babies about it, like another person said, need to get over it, because I can say with almost 99% certainty that if it had been them in his shoes they would have also!

People want to whine and *itch and complain, because he left Cleveland and went to Miami, but what was Cleveland doing for HIM? Nothing! He was carrying the ENTIRE team, couldn't get a championship ring, and I'm not one who's enough into sports to even make this last comment without admitting it's an educated guess, but he probably made more money in Miami as well.

People just need to get over it and let it go already! It's been 4 years for crying out loud!! I understand them being upset because James left and took Miami to the Championships four times, winning two of those, but if they EVER have a dream of THEIR team even thinking about trying to make it to the championships, they better close their traps and welcome him back with open arms!!

They might as well just admit it anyhow, if he DOES come back, it will only be a short matter of time before Cleveland starts winning games and all the people who are dogging James now will be bowing down at his feet and loving that he came back!! They will never admit it right now, and will probably tell me how full of crap I am on here, but if James comes back to Cleveland and starts "taking the team places," you just watch and see who the first ones are that are out there cheering him on!!


@deertracker...I have twelve cents and a stolen bicycle to offer you. Any chance of you leaving?

Molon Labe

Don't do it! We don't want that crybaby back anyway!


That's not what Dan Gilbert is saying.....


Let him go to Orlando and Disney can name a theme park for him - Quitter Village. Overpaid crybaby.


Beyond stupid..

Glad i sold my stock .. Might short FUN tomorrow.


sadly the national news picked this up, was watching sportscenter and poof there was the tweet, was actually where i saw it first...


Bingo on the PR.


What a horrible idea! This is about as dumb as OSU giving James an honor because he talked to a couple of Buckeyes



Maybe they should offer naming "Cleveland" after him, "Lebron, Ohio". Kinda catchy huh?


This is stupid but I know first hand what coaster it will be.


LeBron, aka King James, should reside in Krazy Kastle at the Point along with the rest of the klowns!!


They'll change the name of the Mean Streak. Hardly ever a wait for that ride and it'd get people to go to the back of the park. Probably still only be a "23" minute wait.


thought of a funny one, how about Windseeker, it is tall and it blows, seriously though we would be crazy stupid not to take him back, maybe the way he left was a poor decision and he has admitted that, but to say we don't want to back with the talent on that team today is just insane, plus you might add Kevin Love


I like the idea. I have nothing against LeBron and his talents. Yes do not like the way he left but the man can play basketball. I hope he comes back. This is where he really belongs.


Aren't there height and weight limits on some rides at CP? Why name a ride after someone who can't ride? CP - please don't do this. There are other more deserving people you could name rides after!

2cents's picture

Sports are all about politics, fame and money. Why would CP want to become involved in such an agenda when they have been family based for almost a century? Have you ever thought about the tourists that come from outside Ohio? Will there be competition, hard feelings, maybe gang violence over this? After all they have killed each other over a basket ball stars sneakers!


The CP exec who did this is likely a rabid Cleveland sports team fan and wannabe jock, otherwise known as a jocksniffer. (Term applies universally to all sports nuts)

Clearly his desires got in the way of corporate decision making... I would fire him for this stunt which embarrassed the company.

Someone needed to say this.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Someone got paid to write this?