GOP selects Cleveland

City will be the site for the 2016 national presidential nominating convention
Associated Press
Jul 8, 2014

The Associated Press has confirmed that Cleveland has been selected to host the Republican Party’s 2016 presidential convention.

Cleveland was chosen during an 11:30 a.m. conference call over Dallas, Texas.

A full 168-member Republican National Committee must now ratify the the choice next month.




Smiles from ear to ear after hearing this!


will bring lots of revenue to local businesses this is a good thing!!


Cuyahoga County handed the election win to Obama!


ONE in every crowd but there is no such thing as an Obama phone. That program as well as many other social programs were in place long before he got elected.


Read your own link. Proves my point.


Did you read the link you posted? First free wireless phones were available during the Bush administration. Lifeline Assistance Program-subsidized landlines-1996- Clinton
Lifeline Assistance program created-1984-Ronald Reagan
Due to the recession, people losing jobs, more people qualified and the program was used by more people during the Obama administration.


Re: "That program,"

Originally intended for landline phones, but like most socialist programs; add more bells and whistles, push up the cost in order to help the Dem's constituency.

Vote Dem - get a FREE cell phone and service!

Keep that cash and prizes comin'! Someone else will pay for it.


Where's the link that proves only Dems have this phone? Where pooh?


Re: "The FCC's LifeLine Assistance program was set up in the '90s to help low-income families with monthly landline bills."

Other than your Obama phone lady, who is so 'eloquent' about the program?

"in 1996 when the Federal Communications Commission authorized the programs for landline phones,"


Keep them FREE cash and prizes comin' and vote DEMOCRAT!



The Big Dog's back

deuce pooh never has any answers. A little wimp who beeches about everything behind a computer.



Who was POTUS is '96, special-ed honor student?


"Originally intended for landline phones..."

-- They didn't have cell phones back then.


Re: "They didn't have cell phones back then."

Sorry Sport, the cell phone has been around since the early 80s.


Not for most people.


Re: "Not,"

True, but that's not the point.

I had a car phone around 1987 and later I bought a Motorola flip phone around '89 or so.


The point is cell phones were not the main way of telecommunicating. Land lines were. Now most people have cell phones and not land lines.
Regardless, you are blaming Obama for something that was started with Reagan and continued since then. I don't understand why are also aren't blaming Reagan, Bush Sr, Clinton, and Bush Jr as well.


Re: "land lines,"

People still have landlines.

Don't care about the history or why cell phones are so popular, what I want to know is:

How did this socialist boondoggle end up expanding into a $2.2 billion program filled with excessive waste, fraud and abuse?

So do you honestly think that the Democrats will kill or would they instead LOVE to expand this program?


You still aren't answering the question about your comment, and instead are trying to answer a question with a question about something else.
I will answer yours after you answer mine.


Re: "You still aren't answering,"

However you want to misconstrue it, Sport.

Have a nice day.


The question was, if you are blaming Obama, why aren't you blaming Reagan for starting the program, as well as Bush, Clinton, and Bush for continuing it?

Dr. Information

The poor shouldn't need cell phones, since they are not WORKING.

Heck, I watched a TV commercial just yesterday and was shocked.

Free smart phone, free minutes, unlimited text if you are on welfare, AND if you can round up another 20 dollars a month, unlimited data............So again, why should the poor get all the bells and whistles for next to nothing and I have to pay over a 100 bucks a month with a limited amount of data.

Abuse and waste. I really don't have a problem with the poor getting a free cell phone but that should be it. No texting, no picture sending, no data. ABUSE.


Re: "if you are blaming Obama,"

A fallacious question. The initial responsibility lies with the FCC and Congress.


It is exactly the point. No cell phone = no Obama phone!


"No cell phone = no Obama phone!"

Reality is perception, Sport.

"Obama phone woman" and others of her mentality believe that she got her free phone from Pres. Obama.

It doesn't matter what YOU think, know or think that you know.

Bleeding heart liberal programs end up ballooning in scope and cost.

$2.2 billion, h*ll, let's see if can be expanded to $5 billion!

FREE smart phones w/ service for everyone - just vote Democrat!

The Big Dog's back

One bourbon, one Kesslers, one beer.


Re: "One bourbon, one Kesslers, one beer."

You're drunk AGAIN, pacemaker boy?


Perception is not reality....Sport! Nice try wrong guy!