Obama pushes for better skilled teachers

Education Department investing $4.2 million to help states create plans to make sure very student has effective teacher
Associated Press
Jul 8, 2014

President Barack Obama brought forward a new administration effort Monday to place quality teachers in schools that need them the most.

Obama said the U.S. education system has "a problem" in that students who would benefit the most from having skilled or experienced teachers in their classrooms are least likely to get them, including black and Hispanic students.

Obama credits education and good teachers for helping him get to the White House. He said he wants to make sure that every child has the same access to good teachers that he had.

"The one ingredient that we know makes an enormous difference is a great teacher," Obama said before discussing the issue over lunch in the Blue Room of the White House with Education Secretary Arne Duncan and four teachers from Springdale, Arkansas; Washington, D.C.; Greensboro, North Carolina, and Philadelphia.

Duncan also planned to participate in a round-table discussion later Monday with teachers and principals.

Under the initiative, the  will ask states to develop plans to make sure very student has an effective teacher. It's also investing $4.2 million to help states and districts create the plans and put them into place.

Black and American Indian students are four times as likely as their white peers to go to a school where more than 20 percent of teachers are in their first year, according to Education Department statistics. The same data show that Latino students are three times as likely.

"When a school or a school district or a set of schools in a disadvantaged community has disproportionate numbers of inexperienced teachers, that is not a good thing," Duncan said. "You want a balance on any team. And what we are looking for is to increase effectiveness in disadvantaged communities."



There you go again

Just how will Obama enure that "great" teachers will work in under privileged schools? Once again the focus is on improving the teachers in school rather than improving student responsibility in their own education. I am talking about the lack of parental involvement in a child's school. A great teacher can instruct 8 hours a day but, when the child goes home, doesn't do homework or practice the skills, and goes back to school the next day unprepared.....that's where the problem lies.


You are wrong on just about all of your assumptions and conclusions.


And that is NOT where all of the problem lies.


You are dead wrong! Almost ALL the school issues revolve around parents lack of involvement in their child's education! Sorry if that makes you feel bad about yourself.


Re: "parents lack of involvement in their child's education!"

The looney libs create billion dollar unearned entitlement programs leading to decades worth of masses of single moms and orphans.

So now, the looney libs have to ride to the rescue with billions of dollars worth of nutrition, education, et. al. programs to help solve the problem of the absentee parents.

Lack of money ain't the problem, govt. is the problem.

Dr. Information

Its 90% on parenting, bottom line. Liberals have created an atmosphere in school where one cannot be punished AND we hand out ribbons and trophies for everything and everyone involved.

The Big Dog's back

So deuce pooh, what's your solution? Any old right wingnut can criticize, so tell us your "plan".


Re: "your 'plan'."

You don't 'really' care, you're just blathering, pacemaker boy.

Your moronic scheme IS: Believe in Obama and BIG socialist govt. End of story, fatso.

The Big Dog's back

OK, so you don't have a plan deuce pooh. What else is new. Just a cranky old white man being a cranky old white man. Good thing your ilk is dying off.




Oh look a racist!


I agree 100% with ThinkAgain. My wife has taught in both inner city Toledo and currently teaches in the Gifted Program in a much more affluent area. The teachers in both schools were good to excellent, but there is a huge difference in the amount of parental involvement and a huge difference in the effort put forth by the students.

Even the best teacher cannot make things work if the parents/students don't care and don't do their part, and, sad to say, that scenario is quite common. In Toledo a few years ago, the entire teaching staff in a failing school was replaced with award-winning successful teachers brought in from other buildings/districts. The results were the same, because nothing was done to address the poor effort/involvement of the parents/students.

Obama is fostering discussion on this problem, which, quite obviously, cannot be solved by one person. Once again, it's Democrats who are attempting to do something about a problem. And once again, it's Republicans who sit idly by doing nothing, while they complain about Democrats' efforts to fix a problem. Thanks for reminding me why I vote Democrat.


Re: "replaced with award-winning successful teachers"

And "successful" was determined how? How were they compensated?

Surely they didn't move out of a sense of altruism?

Econ 10l: Supply and demand. Limited supply and greater demand equals increases in costs.

Dems: Throw money at it. Simple & stupid.

Gotta think outside the failed Marxist box.


Re: "currently teaches in the Gifted Program in a much more affluent area."

So out of a sense of bleeding heart liberal altruism, why doesn't she return to the inner city and teach those poor unfortunate children that wrongheaded entitlement Dem programs have helped to create?


I do feel that the lack of support by the parents is a big factor however there are others.

Senator Kennedy was a very strong supporter of no child left behind and there was an interesting article in one of my past issues of the "Mensa Research Journal" advising the intent of the bill was for the teachers to close the gap between the accelerated learners and the slower learners. The teachers were asked to upgrade the slower learners however they found it easier to just pay less attention to the accelerated learners and lower them closer to the slower learners ergo closing the gap by doing less work.


Ah yes the all knowing holysee speaks from the backside yet again. Much like that know-it-all coasternut, you follow the liberal mantra of "because I feel it, I say it. Because I say it, it is true." Well since your lazy, entitled mentality prevents you from doing research prior to spouting off, I took the liberty of doing it for you.

While teacher practices are important to parental involvement. Practices alone will not fix the problem. There are so many studies that point to the importance of parental involvement, it is mind boggling. Even the NEA recognizes that there should be a focus on parental involvement in education. You dolts will support anything this President spoon feeds you, which is why you lack credibility.

From the Michigan Dept of Ed.

From a Vanderbilt Univ. study on parental involvement.


There you go again

And you know that because....?


"Education Department investing $4.2 million"

Why do they think more $$ make things better, it seems that Washington thinks throwing more $$ at anything can solve problems?


Most problems cost money to solve. Almost everything takes money.
No guarantee of problem resolution, but it's always gonna cost more.
Life is expensive and saying that money won't solve anything is a shot in the dark.


Why do Republicans think that reducing funding to Education will solve the problem?

Everything costs money, including solutions. The bigger question is: why do conservatives think that by doing nothing will solve anything?


Re: "conservatives think that by doing nothing will solve anything?"

A fallacious straw man argument; typical of American liberalism where anything outside of Marxist thought is ridiculed.


Please explain why many schools with the lowest amount of per pupil spending continuously outperform those that spend the most? Why do liberals believe that throwing more money at a failure will all of the sudden change the results when history shows that is not the case.


Re: "ask states to develop plans to make sure very (sic) student has an effective teacher."

And an "effective teacher" is measured how?

What's to be done with the thousands of 'ineffective' teachers?

Sophistry. Just more looney, feel-good nonsense.

* With the numerous spelling errors, it would appear that the writer of this article had an 'ineffective' teacher. :)

Darwin's choice

obama calling teachers inadequate? I'll bet they overwhelmingly vote for the democratic party again!
obama the fool.



Re: "Obama credits education and good teachers for helping him get to the White House."

Would he care to put some meat on those bones and elaborate on this?


All those excellent teachers and for some reason he is still so embarrassed by his education records that he won't release them to the public.

There you go again

You hit the nail on he head, KnuckleDragger!


If you're right that the vote by teachers for Obama was "overwhelming," then I think you just proved Obama's contention that too many teachers ARE inadequate...


I agree with There You Go Again. Holysee do you have kids? My wife is a great teacher and loves her students, but she can't get every student to love school and want to do their work. Some (most) kids are just plain lazy and don't want to do anything, hence the younger job applicants. Parents, Parents, Parents!!!! they just drop there kids with teachers and expect them to babysit, teach and raise them. for the little money they make.


I feel that the paddle should be back on the wall and let teachers use it as necessary. A little punishment can go a long way for all students, more as embarrassment than pain!