Strub Road at U.S. 250 reopened

Road work finished ahead of schedule, just in time for holiday weekend
Jul 3, 2014


The mess is over -- the road work on Strub Road near Milan Road (U.S. 250) is finished.

Perkins highway superintendent Allen Jackson confirms the work has been completed, and the stretch of road that had been under construction since early June is reopened.

"I've driven it today" to make sure, Jackson told the Register.

The work was expected to take 30 days but was completed ahead of schedule.

"They did a real good job," Jackson said.




Looks great. Glad to have it reopened.

sum ting wong

Now maybe it is time to fix the stoplight at Perkins Ave. and Remington Ave. It has only been blocked off for over a month. What are they waiting for, Christmas??


Really confused here. Why did they create 2 lanes heading Westbound from the intersection for about 25 yards that go back to one lane? If anything they should have extended it about 50 more yards so cars could pass the cars turning left into the cleaners or B King back entrance.

God Of Thunder

It apparently takes a while to get shorter light ordered in to install on Perkins and Remington. I don't know why the city engineer has been so quiet about this. Seems like he's acting just like the ex city manager..

From the Grave

You see, there IS a God.


And taking a right off of 250 on to Strub East??? Semi trucks are still making tracks off the pavement. Why they didnt address that when they re did that part .Why didnt they widen that turn???


Just drove through it. Looked great to me.