Two teenagers rescued from Lake Erie

Rented canoe took on water and sank
Jul 2, 2014


Two teenagers were pulled from Lake Erie this afternoon after a good Samaritan saw them treading water and radioed for help, according to a report released by the Coast Guard.

The teenagers were in a rented canoe near Kelleys Island when the vessel began taking on water before sinking.

Neither was wearing a life jacket, the Coast Guard said.

The two teenagers reportedly treaded water for about 45 minutes until they were able to flag down a passing boater, who was unable to pull them onto his boat but instead gave them life jackets.

The good Samaritan then called the Coast Guard around 1 p.m., and a 45-foot rescue boat from the Marblehead station was dispatched. The two teenagers were transported to Kelleys Island State Park.

The current water temperature in Lake Erie near Kelleys Island is 66 degrees, and the teenagers were treated for hypothermia by emergency medical personnel. They were later released.

"These two are lucky to be alive,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Bradley Ropke, the officer of the day at Coast Guard Station Marblehead, in the Coast Guard report.

“Not only does the Coast Guard urge all boaters to wear a life jacket at all times, we also recommend dressing for the water temperature and not the air temperature.”

Lauren Laughlin, a spokeswoman for the Ninth Coast Guard District office in Cleveland, said the Coast Guard responded to 119 emergency calls last weekend across all five Great Lakes, for reports ranging from a floating life jacket that might have indicated a missing person to rescues. The Marblehead station alone receives "two or three calls per day" for assistance, she said.

The Coast Guard will be fully staffed for this long holiday weekend, Laughlin confirmed.




How dumb? Life jackets you idiots!

seriously 1137

Yes, they should have had life jackets on, but who ever rented an unsafe canoe to two teenagers not wearing life jackets, whether that be the rental place and or the adults in charge- share some of the blame


I totally agree!


No life jackets? All the people who have died on the lake in the last year and a half alone? It's just stupid.


How does one "dress for the water temperature and not the air temerature"?? Long pants and a long sleeve shirt are no warmer than shorts and a t-shirt when soaking wet. Wet heavy Jeans will make you drown even faster. WTF is this Coast Guard guy talking about?

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Your comments are always good for a laugh. Thanks for not being shy when it comes to displaying your ignorance.

See dry suit or wetsuit.

Now get educated and do something useful with your life…




All watercraft should be required to have ejection seats.




Now that is funny!


They are cool teenagers not wearing life jackets!!!!! Good thing they learned how to swim!


Time to cite these idiots! They should have been issued life jackets as a condition of the rental. Where did they rent it from?


Teenagers....would think you would have to have an adult with them in order to rent in first place....but I agree with the fact that with a rental a jacket must be on regardless of age. Lake Erie is a dangerous lake people....