Man arrested for March assault

Altercation took place one day after release from prison
Courtney Astolfi
Jul 1, 2014

A Zanesville man was arrested this week for the robbery of a Sandusky man, which allegedly occurred the day after he got out prison, police said.

Keith Bruce, 22, was arrested by Erie County deputies Friday on one count of complicity to commit robbery, a second-degree felony.

Bruce and Sandusky man Jerel Nelson, 27, were both released from Mansfield Correction Institution on March 14, Sandusky police Det. Ken Nixon said.

The pair then traveled to Sandusky and went to Daly's Pub the next night for a St. Patrick's Day event.

There, they befriended a Sandusky man, who eventually agreed to go back to a Putnam Street home with them after-hours, Nixon said.

But when they arrived, Nelson and Bruce allegedly attacked the man, giving him black eyes, facial bruising and swollen lips, Nixon said.

The man managed to escape and called police from The Depot Restaurant on Tiffin Avenue, according to a police report.

Nelson was arrested March 25 for his involvement, but investigators wanted to make sure it was indeed Bruce who was his alleged accomplice.

Police checked prison release records, and also verified the pair's friendship through phone records, Nixon said.

An Erie County grand jury opted to indict Bruce earlier this month. He was arrested on the indictment Friday and taken to the Erie County jail. Bruce remains there on a $60,000 bond.



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