Mother investigated by Children Services

Bags of garbage, water damage found in home
Jun 30, 2014


Erie County Children Services has launched an investigation into the questionable living conditions a Sandusky mother, 25, is providing her two young children.

The home, in the 900 block of Franklin St., is allegedly filled with trash, flies, mice and empty beer bottles, and its kitchen ceiling is collapsing from water damage, according to a Sandusky police report.

A babysitter first observed the conditions Friday, when she arrived at the home at about 7:30 p.m. to return the children to their mother, who wasn't inside.

She knocked on the home's damaged door and it swung open without effort, revealing the disarray inside, according to the report. 

The woman then called police, unsure of what to do, because the mother had said she'd be home about two hours prior.

When officers arrived, they searched the home for the children's mother and couldn't locate her among the mess, according to the report.

While searching, they observed there was only one bed in the home, which the mother and two young children apparently slept in together. The bedroom was littered with empty beer bottles, clothes from overturned dressers and other miscellaneous items.

The kitchen contained at least 15 trash bags and smelled musty, police said in the report.

The babysitter told police doctors recently diagnosed the missing woman with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, according to the report.

She agreed to watch the children until police located their mother.

They forwarded a report of the incident, as well as photos, to Erie County Children Services and the city's housing department.



I truly hope they get the mother the help she needs and that the kids are safe.


I truly hope not one more man impregnates this women. Its so hard to understand the ways of this world. Its very sad. Everyone is the victim besides the victims, which happens to be young children in this story!


Huh? Everyone us a victim beside the victim??? Ok!? The lady is mentally ill and obviously self medicating! Get her help so these children can have a some what normal childhood. Once she is medicated right she should be fine to take care if her kids (in most cases). I have a family member that has same issues but she also has family support!


Get the children away from the train wreck and into a loving home they deserve! Steralize this lady so she can't breed!


Wow..... It's mental illness not drugs psycho!


It's obvious some of you have no CLUE about mental illness.

Julie R.

Is this house on Franklin Street one of Sandusky's many rentals? If so and the kitchen ceiling is collapsing from water damage, why isn't the city of Sandusky going after the slumlord?


someone has to file a complaint with code enforcement if its a rental that the landlord wont fix. what if its not a rental? maybe its a family owned home or maybe she owns it herself?

Julie R.

The article only says the 900 block of Franklin St. If it gave the address, it would be very easy to see if it was a rental. I'm willing to bet it is, especially since Sandusky is up to about 77% rentals, isn't it?


That leaves a large amount that aren't rentals. Its not tbr police's job to do code enforcement! Wait let me guess, you call the police when you can't get your kids to behave too? Right?


But, on the other hand if she didn't bother telling the landlord that the ceiling was falling in, then how would they know. Do you think all landlord go and visit the rentals every month. I'm sure if the landlord saw what it looked like, first of all he would probably call someone to report it. Not always the landlord.


Besides, sounds like mama was nothing but a drunk that didn't care about her kids. She hired a babysitter, was this the first time that that babysitter was ever in the house. If she knew of medical condition, she was closer to woman than just babysitter, think about it and why wasn't something reported before, if house was such a mess were the kids clean?


Not really. Ever think she always takes the kid to the sitters house and once she didn't come to pick up the kids the sitter went to her. Oh hey can you watch the kid why I go to a doctor appointment.... Oh they found this out about me. Common conversations a mother would have with a baby sitter! Many ppl with these diseases self medicate with drugs and alcohol.