GM preparing for more recalls

33,000 Chevy Cruze compacts affected
Associated Press
Jun 26, 2014


General Motors is preparing to recall about 33,000 Chevrolet Cruze compact cars because the air bags might not inflate properly in a crash.

Spokesman Jim Cain says the cars were built with an incorrect part made by Japanese supplier Takata Corp. But he says the problem is different from another issue with Takata air bags that is affecting much of the auto industry.

The recall could come as early as Friday. It affects some 2013 and 2014 Cruzes.

GM on Wednesday told dealers to stop selling Cruzes until it figured out the problem. But Cain says the stop-sale order was lifted for most Cruzes later that day. He didn't know if it cost GM any sales.

The Cruze is built in Lordstown, Ohio, and is GM's top-selling car.



GM was the best,now worse than the rest.
Took the jobs to China and Mexico,will soon compete with a Yugo.
No union wages no US engineers only bean counters and poor quality it appears.

They got what they wanted,and saved some cash.Got rid of the people that made them first class.
They won't pay those legacy costs anymore and cheap engineers are the rule,would I buy one?I ain't no fool.

I hope they survive ,.
my tax money is keeping them afloat.
I saw those white shirts tour our plant then have a meeting where they would rant about costs and labor and and made us feel bad.
Now look at GM they are gonna be had.


"my tax money is keeping them afloat." - You do know that the Government owns no stock of GM any longer correct?

Nice little poem though. I don't really trust any Car manufacturer though to be honest. They all use the same vendors for products. Globalization of manufacturing of products is ruining the quality of vehicles. Germans have reliability problems, America has Quality problems, Japan has safety issues and boring products, Korea is about the most "decent" yet I wont buy one.


Gotta wait for the May auto sales numbers to see if all these recalls had an effect.