Nice wheels

Taking a step back for a classic
Jason Werling
Jun 25, 2014


George Letosky takes a look at a 1963 Impala parked outside the Island General Store at Put-in-Bay on Monday, June 23, 2014. Pam Turner, a resident of South Bass Island eventually arrived after grocery shopping and the two compared Impala stories.



More than the cars this was before lbj unleashed the great society and liberalism upon us where the those contributing nothing start getting free stuff. This begat what we are enjoying today.. Crime by the welfare class while they procreate for profit on the backs of all taxpayers.

Enjoy the memory of a better time.


You certainly have a sour outlook on life


You're either too young to have been a teen in 63, or on the dole or.... Happy paying too much tax.

I'm none of the above.

4-wheeler al

nice car I had a 63 impala conv. 327 auto trans. white with light brown int. 500 dollars in 1968.


Downer, you are welcome to lead a negative, bitter life, griping about things not being like the good old days. That is your choice, but get your facts straight. Pre-LBJ taxes were at their highest rates ever. For the highest earners, today's taxes are lower than in the Thirties and for the lowest tax bracket they are lower than they were in the Forties. As a nation we are not over taxed, we are under served by our Representatives. They are not spending our tax dollars on things like infrastructure which could be driving greater growth.


Agree with your last sentence ONLY.

They're spending it on entitlements to the non productive.

Kottage Kat

Sweet wheels. Remember them well.
Ah, those were the days,my friends.


@downer: Your assumptions about me are all incorrect.


Thats good to hear.