Sandusky grad Turner declared ineligible at Vanderbilt

While his team competes for a spot in the College World Series championship series, local baseball superstar Xavier Turner finds himself benched for undisclosed reasons
Jun 21, 2014


Turner's out for the remainder of the College World Series and his future at Vanderbilt University is in doubt, according Vanderbilt University officials who won't say exactly why Turner's been sidelined.

Vanderbilt associate director of athletics Rod Williamson issued the following statement:

"Third baseman Xavier Turner has been declared ineligible for a violation of NCAA regulations and will not participate in the remainder of the College World Series, effective immediately. Vanderbilt's baseball program and Department of Student Athletics are in NCAA compliance. The university, Department of Student Athletics and the baseball coaching staff will have no further comments."

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Vanderbilt coach Tim Corbin told the Tennessean he would not speculate on Turner's future with the team. 

"I just can't. I think I'm going to leave that completely alone."

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Turner, who was drafted out of high school by the Boston Red Sox but chose Vanderbilt, will not be available for comment for the remainder of the season.

Reached on Saturday while coaching a travel baseball team, Turner's father, Bert Ferris, said "there is little to add as of now.

"I'm out of town, I've been out of town, and all I know is what was reported Friday," Ferris, said. " I support my son, Vanderbilt University and the NCAA. There will be no further comment at this time."

On Wednesday Turner told the Register he was exhilarated to be part of the College World Series, calling it "a dream come true."

For the season, Turner batted .283 in 63 starts with 15 doubles, two home runs and 38 RBIs. He was 2 for 6 at the plate in two Vanderbilt wins at the CWS.

The Commodores and Texas played in a winner-take-all game to reach the championship series of the CWS late Saturday night.



My comment was blocked for stating the obvious. What goes around comes around.


Foreshadowing: When he was caught drinking on a Tuesday night in high school, which just happened to be the night before a state playoff basketball game.


You can take the boy out of Sandusky but you can't take Sandusky out of the boy!


Yo...mamma! right on


he is a just a kid.


No he isn't! He is college paying college ball! Time to man up and grow a pair! Poor baby. I got nothing!


Grades maybe...

The New World Czar

You're right- especially when the AD's response mentions being within NCAA compliance. NCAA rules don't nose into internal discipline issues.


if it were grades, it would've come out a month ago...

Common Sense

I am not going to speculate on Mr. Turner's violations. Far from being perfect, this is a matter for the NCAA.


Sonic is hiring.

Whiskey in a Teacup

NCAA regulations cover a broad spectrum. certain NCAA regulations exists and apply from the start of a persons freshman year of high school. It could be as little as a paid round trip invite to the school.


gotta go to class


Geez....easy does it on the kid. You don´t even know what the issue is. Stop throwing him under the bus already.


Funny how everybody is so quick to down talk on the young man before we even find out what ever caused his suspension give the kid a break u act like he did something criminal like...


Because he let his team down. That is pathetic.


Right! Its like being fired from your job! Time for the little boy to grow up!

local man

All College athletes are explained everything related to NCAA Compliance. Whether it was interaction with an agent, grades, money from a booster, or any other violation Mr Turner has tarnished Vanderbilt's reputation for these playoffs. If Vanderbilt doesn't beat Virginia in the finals, you will wonder if Xavier not participating impacted the results. If they win, obviously team overcame adversity. I tried to watch him against Bellevue but he was grounded for that game because of a team violation. Now will he drop out of school or get his degree before he is eligible for the draft.

Home Boy

So sad to see all the negative comments on this kid. I don't know him, wouldn't know him if I bumped into him, but geezzzzzz, at least wait and see what he did. And we wonder why this town has so little to offer young people with all the negativity surrounding them.