Turmoil in Iraq is pushing up U.S. gasoline prices

Drivers are being deprived of usual price break between Memorial Day and 4th of July
Associated Press
Jun 19, 2014


Violence in Iraq is helping to make gasoline in the U.S. more expensive, depriving drivers of the usual price break between Memorial Day and July Fourth.

Global oil prices have risen 5 percent since an insurgency took over two Iraqi cities. Any sustained increase in oil and gasoline prices can damp economic growth.

In the U.S., the average price of $3.68 per gallon is the highest price for this time of year since 2008, the year gasoline hit its all-time high. The good news is that gasoline is not likely to spike above $4 as it did 6 years ago, experts say. Or even cross $3.90, as in 2011 and 2012.

"You are going to pay a little more than we thought you were going to pay," says Tom Kloza, chief oil analyst at the Oil Price Information Service and GasBuddy.com. "But you are not going to see any apocalyptic numbers."

Gasoline prices typically fall in the weeks following Memorial Day, after supplies increase enough to fill up the cars of the nation's vacationers as summer approaches. Prices have declined during the previous three Junes, by an average of 21 cents per gallon, according to AAA.

This year, drivers are paying more. The average has risen every day for a week, and is now higher than it was on Memorial Day — with more increases sure to come.

Higher fuel costs can reduce economic growth — in the U.S. and around the world — because they raise costs for businesses and leave drivers with less money to spend on other things.

In the U.S., a ten-cent rise in the price of gasoline only costs a typical driver an extra $1.50 to fill up a tank, but if that rise is sustained over a year it costs the U.S. economy $13.5 billion.

The average gas price so far this year, however, is still 5 cents cheaper than it was last year over the same period.

Even before violence in Iraq broke out, gasoline prices were falling more slowly than expected because of rising U.S. fuel demand and extensive maintenance at some Gulf Coast refineries that reduced gasoline output.

Then, last week, Iraqi insurgents seized a pair of cities and pledged to attack Baghdad. None of Iraq's oil fields were targeted — most are far away from the fighting — and oil exports have continued to flow. But Iraq is OPEC's second-largest exporter, so concern that oil production might be impacted has been enough to send global oil prices up by $6, to around $115 per barrel.

The average price of gas rose 3 cents per gallon during the past week, and analysts expect more increases over the next couple of weeks.

Higher crude prices generally make for higher fuel prices around the world, too, but the effects on drivers vary widely.

In many countries, gasoline prices are subsidized, so drivers don't see the effects of price changes quickly. In other nations, especially in Europe, fuels are taxed so heavily that a moderate change in the underlying price of fuel is hardly noticed.

How the situation in Iraq plays out is hard to predict, but analysts note that the global market is well-supplied with oil and fuels. Morgan Stanley wrote in a recent report that the potential for a significantly higher sustained oil price was "limited without a major disruption," and that "the conflict will likely be contained primarily North of Baghdad, limiting the impact on oil exports."

But drivers in 15 states are already paying more for gas than they have since March of 2013, according to Kloza. The national average will likely soon surpass this year's high of $3.70 per gallon, set on April 28.

Kloza thinks the national average may get close to last year's high of $3.79 per gallon, but he does not expect to see it reach the highs of 2011 and 2012, when it rose above $3.90 per gallon.

And the chances of the average crossing the $4 mark?

"The (last place) Mets have a better chance of winning the World Series," he said.




One reason we should of never opened up exporting oil to begin with, another Obama F up.....So sick of the this countries ran. Maybe it's time to move up north n leave the citizen ship behind..


Thank Mr.Bush and Mr.Cheney for the mess they made in Iraq.


Remember that libtard chant about people who complained about Obama "We Won"? You seem to forget you won 6 years ago and this is no longer a Bush mess, This is a Obama mess.


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A. Because it takes a long time to clean up after an elephant after it passes by.


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I like your joke. As a independent i agree with it especially if the scooper guy is a Democrat, It takes ages to get those people to do anything besides campaign and play golf.
Q. How many Democrats does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A. Just one, but it really gets screwed.


I doubt that an Independent (aka. Republican lite) would be any better.


Your intolerance is showing again. Remember that your party will beg the independents to vote for them the closer it gets to election day. They know they have you people sewn up because you cannot think for yourself anyways.


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From the Grave

You all argue over who the problem is, while they ALL ram it up our as ses and nobody seems to notice.


You can't see the difference between the two parties ???


I see the difference perfectly. One steals money to pay off their buddies in the military complex to get campaign donations and the other steals money to pay off their buddies in the banking and social arena to get campaign donations. Not a large difference seeing that the middle class ALWAYS get screwed no matter who is in charge.
There was a saying "I want to keep the Democrats out of my wallet and the republicans out of my bedroom" But after Democrats DOMA and the republicans Tax hikes they are interchangeable.

Peninsula Pundit

That's a valid observation, Don.

Bottom Line

Enough with the Bush blaming for every fault of this president. That's the weakest argument one could possibly make. I think he's (sadly) been in office long enough... And a president doesn't "inherit" problems from a previous regime. He CHOOSES to run for the position accepting the responsibility of improving our nation. I could somewhat understand if this was a year or two at the most in his tenure. Just like it took Reagan a couple years to clean up the mess from the now 2nd worst president of all time who preceded him.


Carter is 2nd worst.


Odingleberry is 1st.


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Where is all the domestic oil? Thought we were producing more than ever???? Why are we at the mercy of the market? We have our own!!!

lunchtime 175

That is true, where is all the oil being produced in the united states? and the ethanol was suppose to reduce the need for foreign oil. I think all cars and trucks should be made to run on the eco friendly fuel mix of 85 percent ethanol, right now that is running about $2.85 a gallon in northwest ohio. All we need is enough factories to produce the ethanol and enough farmers to plant more corn to supply the ethanal factories and we will see a reduction in oil consumption here in the states. Every time we here about a foreign country having problems it seems to translate into yet higher gas prices at the pump when that oil is still in the ground or in tanks in storage and not the gas we are buying today. Maybe everyone should ride a bicycle and see the oil companies scramble to lower prices at the stations.

From the Grave

Nobody will ever lower a price that consumers have shown that they WILL pay.


LOL. I drive a flex fuel vehicle. Please tell me a place in NW ohio that has E85 for 2.85? The cheapest I've seen it is $3.45. Due to the fact that you get less mileage on E85 it is not economical to use it unless it is $1/gal less than gas.


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That's one thing we can agree on


i wish they would stop lying and just tell us that they are screwing us just because they can. we pay the price whether they tell us the truth or lie to us. the truth, while cold and harsh, would be refreshing..

JudgeMeNot's picture

0-bamas sanctions on Iran have cut Iran's oil exports to near 0, so demand is higher than supply. You wont read than in AP news article.


We get no oil at all from Iraq. So why the high prices? Greed.


Yep , I see it as bullshit and it comes just in time for summer.


North Dakota(USA) is producing 1 million barrels a day !! So where is that going?? WTF???


Probably exporting it to China. Gotta reduce our debt with them and screw the American people.....

Peninsula Pundit

The Keystone pipeline will make it so we don't ship our oil to China.

Dr. Information

I don't mind seeing $5.00 a gallon for gas as long as the increase is gradual......Obama 2008.

Getting what you all voted for.

Dwight K.

Just another excuse for people to fatten their wallets


Everything drives gas up!!!!!! how stupid do they think we are. The CEO of Exxon got a flat tire today. Raise gas prices so I don't have to spend my money to fix it.


According to the Wall Street Journal, if we could only export oil the price would go down. The spam filter won't let me post the WSJ post. Just google U. S. export oil.


American people are like mushrooms. Keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em $*it!


`For the last couple of decades the oil companies have had a proift of between 7% and 9%. They are considered a blue chip stock and many "widows and orphans" funds that require very safe stable returns are parked there for safety. So the idea that gas prices are raised because the CEO had a flat tire or for no reason are rather silly. If gas prices could be raised for no reason the oil companies would make a 20% profit or more year after year.


Correct. Government taxes are seven times higher than the average yearly profit of oil companies. Again, misdirected rage. The clowns in Columbus and D.C. are the root of the problem. So one of the clowns proposed a 12 cent increase this week on top of it. Can you imagine how much money they have squandered simply between gas taxes and social security?


The 2013 profit totals are in for the big five oil companies—BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Exxon Mobil, and Shell. Their financial reports indicate that they earned a combined total of $93 billion last year, or $177,000 per minute.


Yes and their profit was 7%-9%. If the US didn't buy so much oil products the total profit numbers would not be so high. Look at the percent of profit for many drug companies, software companies, it is MUCH higher, but the total amount of dollars is lower cause people don't buy as much of their products. When comparing sectors you can only compare them by percent, as each company makes different amounts of sales. But that is only if you are trying to be fair. If you want to make the point that one company or sector has a larger sales you can use the total amount of profit, but that does not show what they make in comparrison to anything.

Peninsula Pundit

And who figures what their 'profit' is?
The oil company's accountants.
Wow, there's a figure from an unbiased source.


Who checks the oil company accountants?
That is easy, the IRS. Same gov't agency that checks every expense and income of every company that buys or sells oil products and whose computers do the math. The same IRS that lost the emails from Lois Lerner and the 8 folks whose emails have been lost due to those 8 computers crashing.

You trust your gov't accounting don't you? Is that unbiased enough for you?


Lift the veil before your eyes people. The price of gas? It's a easy distraction from what's really going on.

The U.S. government has funded these "rebels" who are allegedly taking over Iraq for the past two years since they worked in Syria to topple Assad.

Watch this video that connects the dots of mainstream media reports and brings light to the continually behavior by our nation to perpetuate endless wars.



"Drill baby drill" and then sell it to China as our own domestic gasoline prices continue to rise. The Keystone Pipeline is another sham for corporate profits. If you factored in the cost of all expenditures in the Middle East...we are probably paying in excess of $5.00 per gallon. The Military-Industrial Complex is alive and well as we experience Economic Euthanasia. Don't worry though. As the wealthy become wealthier...they are sure to help all us peons (and there IS going to be more and more people included in the peon category).


Re: "'Drill baby drill' and then sell it to China,"

It is illegal to export U.S. oil.



How true pb&j.