City cancels today's yard sale

Sandusky Paper District's summer monthly event to still occur July 12, Aug. 2
Jun 14, 2014


From Sandusky's recreation department:

The Sandusky Bay Community Yard Sale scheduled for (today) Saturday at the Paper District Marina parking lot has been canceled due to lack of registration. Sandusky Recreation will continue to hold the Sandusky Bay Community Yard Sales on Saturdays, July 12 and August 2.

To register for the yard sale please contact city recreation at 419-627-5886.



Maybe lower the price of registration?


Why they turn the marina parking lot into a garbage sale during the summer defies me. It's a marina. Do they think boaters want to sail in a see a bunch of junk for sale?

Licorice Schtick

Worry about that when they actually sail in.

City staff has been pretty clueless about promoting their own events over the years. No one is going to participate in a garbage sale no one knows about.


Didn't even know a Sandusky Bay Community Yard Sale was scheduled. Maybe they should advertise because everyone I asked about said they never heard of it.


I did it last year my daughter in law told me about it. I think it was 10 $ for a parking space that you could sell out of. you set up early a.m. sell stuff for I think it was 4 hours or so, then you clean up and leave it was very orderly and a lot of fun!


Did anyone know that this sale existed? Who promotes such things?


Huron has a great turnout for the one they have at the boat basin.


What sale?? Why do citizens always see events listed AFTER they are done???


Only reason I knew about it was I heard about it on the local radio "news" yesterday & by then it was too late to sign up. Glad I didn't. Can't the City afford to advertise? I also never hear about the Sheriff's Auction 'til after it's over. Good old Sin DUH ski.