New trails coming to Strickfaden Park

Improvements should take six weeks to complete
Andy Ouriel
Jun 12, 2014

Perkins officials recently took a big step to create a massive walking trail around a popular park.

Earlier this week, construction crews broke ground on building 1.25 miles of trails around Strickfaden Park on Bell Avenue.

The project, which should take about six weeks to complete, strives to promote a healthier lifestyle and better quality of life for community members.

“This walkway is going to be a great addition to the area,” township trustee Tim Coleman said.

Park visitors can walk, run or bike on the trails, which should lead into nearby neighborhoods and provide several access points into the 28-acre park.

Trustees can build the trails, costing about $176,800, after obtaining a state grant. 

The state grant reimburses 80 percent of the total cost up to a maximum of $150,000.

If the estimate price holds, then the funding breakdown would look something like this:

• $176,800: total estimated price.

• $120,000: maximum amount township officials can receive through a reimbursement.

• $56,800: leftover amount township trustees must pay through their budget, largely backed by area taxpayers.


Strickfaden Park

• WHAT: Work recently began to construct a 1.25 miles of trails around the Bell Avenue park.

• WHY: To connect neighborhoods and further develop the park. About half of the township’s 12,000 residents live within a mile of the park. The trails would also complement the baseball field.

• COST: The estimated cost totals about $176,800. The township received a state grant that should cover about $120,000. Township funds will likely cover the remaining $56,800.


getit right be4...

The township can't keep up with the parks and maintenance it has now. If you don't have the funding to take care of what you have why spend good money on something that will take up more maintenance coast?

$56,800 buck would do well fixing some of the roads in the township that need major attention.


It's not thier money, why should they care. It's fun spending OPM. I bet some rednecks with a grader and a dump truck could build it a lot cheaper.