Portman team in Sandusky Co.

Senator is looking for feedback from community
Jun 12, 2014


U.S. Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio, will host office hours on June 20 for anyone to voice their opinions or concerns with a district representative who will provide their feedback to the senator.

"Keeping an open dialog with constituents is a top priority for me, and I encourage people to take advantage of the opportunity to talk to a member of my staff," Portman said. "I've traveled to every county in the state and have found it helpful to hear about the issues that are of primary concern to Ohioans. Listening to constituents enables me to better determine how I can fight for their interests in Washington."

Portman's staff will travel to each county in Ohio to meet with constituents during office hours, connect with local elected officials and attend community events.

Want to go?

WHAT: U.S. Sen. Rob Portman staff to host office hours in Sandusky County.

• WHERE: Sandusky County commissioners' conference room, 622 Croghan St., Fremont

WHEN: 10-11 a.m. June 20

• MORE: No appointments are necessary. For more information, contact Portman's district representative Wes Fahrbach at 419-259-3895.



I could and do give him a lot of feedback. Quit being a whoos and stand up to those Liberal commies.


Sen. Portman: I heard you speak in Sandusky during your first campaign.. you sounded good and got my vote. Since then, you have disappointed on a number of issues. Immigration being one. NEVER make deals with the liberals.

Hopefully the Va. primary got your attention.


And....there we have the current Republican mindset. Don't ever accept a compromise, even when it means that nothing ever gets done.
Even when that means that they don't help the people they were elected to help.

Republicans are right: there is a problem with government. But the real problem is that they don't understand that the problem is with their elected Republican congressmen.

That "my way or highway" approach does work in a local gerrymandered district or at the state level, but the push to the rightwing fringe makes it impossible for Republicans to win the White House.

Hopefully, the 2012 presidential election got your attention.

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Gee, typical right wingnuts. My way or the highway.

There you go again

Well, I hate to tell you but Obama has patented that phrase "My way or the highway". Yep, recheck your "sources" and you will find me correct.


I'm sure he did, while describing the GOP.

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Friday the 13th, maybe that pen of his will run out of ink : )


Just another wanting our $$. When he learned about his son he changed his stance. Flip your flop.


Do you feel the same about the Clintons championing the defense of marriage act, and now accepting gay marriages? They also flip their flop. or do you think that times change and so did their opinions? But since they have a d behind their names... I could also go with many politicians on both sides of the aisle who chnged their tunes, that backed and voted for the defense of marriage act and now have changed their flip for a flop. Have you been mentioning those folks also?

In a June 1996 interview in the gay and lesbian magazine The Advocate, Clinton said, "I remain opposed to same-sex marriage. I believe marriage is an institution for the union of a man and a woman. This has been my long-standing position, and it is not being reviewed or reconsidered."

The bill moved through Congress on a legislative fast track and met with overwhelming approval in both houses of the Republican-controlled Congress, passing by a vote of 85–14 in the Senate[23] and a vote of 342–67 in the House.[24] The sole independent in the House, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, voted against the bill.[25] Democratic Senators voted for the bill 32 to 14 (with Pryor of Arkansas absent), and Democratic Representatives voted for it 118 to 65, with 15 not participating.


Want to bet many folks on both sides who voted for the act are now all in favor of gay marriage? it is just politicians being politicians. Both R's and D's have done it. Nothing new


Listen!... ' my position on that subject was influenced by the polls '.. doesn't 'sound' good......

Get with the program!


The point is that conservatives flip-flop from week to week. Note McCain's stance on the Bergdahl situation. You had to go back 18 years to dig up an old quote on Clinton.

People do evolve over long periods of time, so I'm not sure that changing your stance over nearly 2 decades, as Clinton did, is the same as doing a 180 in a matter of days, as McCain did (yet again).

McCain's flip flop is more likely an example of what Bill Maher jokingly calls "blacktracking".
Blacktracking (n.): the act of changing your mind, when you learn that Obama agrees with you.

Most Republicans suffer from a form of that, and certainly, all those in office have an acute case. Maher is a comedian, but a very politically informed one. I love it when he calls B.S. on hypocrisy from either party. Republicans certainly give him a lot of material to work with.


The reason I went back was it was the same issue that Portman changed his position on. If you want something that a Clinton changed her position on in one day lets look at the statement that they were broke when they left the Whitehouse, and had a hard time buying HOUSES (not house but houses as in 2) paying for college and such. When Hiliary had just gotten an 8 million advance for her book and Bill had speeches lined up for hundreds of thousnds of dollars (he now gets a million per speech) each. Was that a flip flop, a lie, a mis-speak, a mistake, or just a whopper? I would say a bit of all of them but a flip flop could be used. Is that a short enough time between positions, one day, and recent enough for you, this week it happened?

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Spam filter won't let me post the reference site.

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Does lying come natural to you?


The point is that every politician sways with the public opinion. Obama's promise that obamacare would save the average person $2500 a year was changed when it became obvious it was not true. The promise of you can keep your doctor was changed when it became clear it was not true., the promise of you can keep your plan if you like it was changed when it became clear that it was not true, the promise that the website would be up and running by the middle of October 2013, as well as Amazon was changed when it became clear that it was not true.

Those all sound like flip flops, along with the promise that we would be out of both Iraq and Afganastan in 16 months was a flip flop., I can go on but as I said BOTH major parties flip flop all the time. It is nothing new, nor is it surprising, to anyone with a brain. But don't let that stop you from only pointing out that the "other" party is the one who flip flops. It shows your intelligence, and integerity when you try to weasel your way around the truth.

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Do you know the definition of the word promise?

noun \ˈprä-məs\

: a statement telling someone that you will definitely do something or that something will definitely happen in the future

: an indication of future success or improvement

: a reason to expect that something will happen in the future


So you are now claiming obama broke his promises instead of flip flop? I will accept either as what obama did, he either lied, if he did know what would happen with obamacare or he broke his promise if he didn't know. If he didn't know why didn't he know what his signature legislation would all do? Was he that out of touch with what his "signature legislation" would do? If so why did he make promises he had no idea would be true or not. His party was in charge of writing, not allowing any changes, and passing the legislation. This is what you elected, someone who doesn't know what is in his "signature legislation" nor what it will do. Good thing he has a d after his name. It helps explain a LOT.

The New World Czar

Open question to Senator Portman...
After Cantor got ousted in the primary last week, please answer why you avoided reporters while leaving Mitch McConnell's NRSC fundraiser to "protect" your comrade Thad Cochran, who is in a battle himself in a runoff?
Are you all worried about protecting your moderate establishment incumbents?