Plane makes emergency landing at Cedar Point Beach

No injuries in beach landing
Jun 10, 2014


UPDATED (7 p.m.) — An Ohio State Highway Patrol official told the Register the plane struck a duck, which broke the windshield. No other injuries or damages occurred.


UPDATED (6:40 p.m.) — Cedar Point police and Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers are investigating the scene. They won't let any bystanders come within 1,000 feet of the scene.

The plane, which from the naked eye didn't sustain major damage, landed near the northern break wall by Magnum. No debris or materials were strewn about on the beach.


ORIGINAL STORY (5:55 p.m.) — Ohio State Highway Patrol is reporting a plane made an emergency landing at Cedar Point Beach around 4:30 p.m.

State troopers, as well as Register reporters, are still at the site.

Check back for more information.


Dwight K.

They're there, but aren't sure?


Well hopefully everything is fine and the people on board are safe.

But, does anybody besides me feel like they're living in a comic strip with all the wacky things occurring especially around Cedar Point? There seems to be no end to the material for a satiric magazine, podcast or novel.


Funny you mention Podcast....

Stay tuned folks.

looking around

Looks like a good landing to me!


Where did the duck land?

Porky Duck

Buhduhbuhduhbuhduh...that's all, folks!

Fibber Mcgee

"They won't let any bystanders come within 1,000 feet of the scene."
Who are those people standing by the plane? They all weren't on the plane. Why 1000 ft.? Duck splatter maybe..
Babo, you are right... maybe a comedy series for tv. "What's the Point"


Perfect!!! ROTFLMYAO


1000 ft? Because they're "officials" and the scene belongs only to them.


flipped a bird

2cents's picture

There is an empty landing strip around the corner?

looking around

LOL..... this is true!

2cents's picture

Looks like a very light aircraft that can be flown off the beach after replacing the windshield. Heck, I drove a 72 Vega down RT2 with no glass in it to have it sandblasted so I could repaint it. I wore goggles to see, it was real bad going home with the sand residue blowing in my mouth though LOL!

Darwin's choice

Got a face peel for nothing, eh? That's funny as hell!


Surely you dont plan on landing there...


What's your vector Victor?


Will they be pressing charges on the duck?


JulieR will comment on the legal stuff later!

Dr. Information

Aviation issues happen all the time and no they shouldn't press charges if there wasn't any damage or injuries which looks to be the case.


The duck performed vandalism and left the scene of the crime. Any information on its whereabouts should be reported to the SR.

looking around

The FAA will publish a preliminary report with a factual report following in a few months. In the mean time as they say move on nothing here to see. It will probably read: mid air collision with fowl life damaged windscreen pilot initiated off airport landing 0 fatalities, 0 injuries,minor damage sustained. end of report.


wondering how much cp will charge for parking


$40.00 for beach parking!