UPDATE: Missing girls found

Girls went to Bike Week in Sandusky, never returned home
Sandusky Register Staff
Jun 8, 2014

Update 11:20 a.m. — Both girls have been located.

They are being arrested right now at the CVS at Monroe and Warren streets, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said.

Click HERE for photos of the arrest

Huron police Sgt. Terry Graham said police are transporting the girls to Huron and will provide additional information when it's available.

Update 9 a.m. — Sandusky police are attempting to identify and locate teenagers two missing girls were reportedly with before they went missing, Sandusky police chief John Orzech said this morning. 

"They are supposed to be hanging out with them, or possibly could be with them," Orzech said. 

Meanwhile a search and rescue team out of Delaware, Ohio, issued an alert for the two missing girls this morning. 

SAR-OH is an all volunteer, non-profit search, rescue and disaster response team that does not charge for its services.


Original post: 

Headline: Two 13-year-olds go missing
— They went to Ohio Bike Week on Saturday

Two teenagers went missing Saturday after saying they were going to a friend's house but went to Sandusky for Ohio Bike Week in a taxi instead. 

Huron police and the Sandusky police departments have scoured locations where the girls might have gone, but as of this morning they had not been located. 

Zoe Koehler and Maggie Freeman, both 13, were staying at a grandmother's house. They said they were going to a friend's house, but instead the girls and a friend took a taxi to Sandusky, police said. The friend called for a ride home, but Koehler and Freeman remained downtown.

The last communication from the girls was to a friend via Snapchat at about midnight, and a cell phone locator placed them in Sandusky at 1:21 a.m., police said.

Koehler was wearing jeans and a white T-shirt with a print. Freeman was wearing jeans with a light plum shirt.

Anyone with information on the girls is asked to call Sandusky police at 419-627-5863 or Huron police at 419-433-4114.



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Any word on why or how they got to CVS? Who tipped off SPD? So many questions! I need answers!


I'm sure they will get YOU all the answers you need soon. That is going to be their first priority.

Whiskey in a Teacup

Kids are doing what kids have always done. It doesn't matter how many parents, how available, how disciplined... Young people test the boundaries, push the envelope__ it's irrational to blame poor parenting for every thoughtless idea that ever came into a teenagers mind.


These two are clearly headed for great things. Maybe they're trying to make the next cast of 16 and pregnant, or they could have a bet on which on makes prison first.


Since CVS sells newspapers someone IN CVS probably saw their picture & then spotted them goofing around in the pharmacy & called.
Seeing the neighborhood they were found in, the little darlings will probably have another nice surprise for their parents - a couple nice brown buns in the oven.


Thank you CVS staff for making the call.


Oh sure....nice Sandusky Register! My comments get deleted because I point out the fact that at least one of these girls is extremely disrespectful and out of control as evidenced by her facebook page, which is easily accessible by the whole wide world with a click of a button, but you leave those two comments up that are a few behind this one? Awesome job guys, awesome job! Lol