Ohio Bike Week welcomes Cedar Point guests

There's a lot to do in Sandusky today.
Jun 7, 2014


Ohio Bike Week organizers want visitors whose day at Cedar Point was kiboshed by a water main break to know they're welcome to attend today's festivities in downtown Sandusky. 

"There's a kids area, lots to eat, lots of vendors and live entertainment," said Laura Barrett, with Ohio Bike Week event planners. 




Get that money and have fun doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DONT NOT BRING KIDS, holy gees, this is not a place for children, no matter how hard they try to make some aria kid friendly.

Peachy Keen

Yeah right, Ms. Barrett. Are you nuts? No parent in their right mind would bring their children to any Ohio Bike Week festivities, "kid's area" or not.


Some people are not as sheltered as others. I would take my children. My kids grew up in Monroeville around the Roeders and many other bikers. To this day my kids are still around bikers. The world is not made up of all sunshine, glitter and rainbows. This is one of the reasons so many cannot handle the "real world" after they graduate and leave the sheltered world of living under mommy's boob is they see how things REALLY ARE. Ya'll make it sound like bikers are child molesters and rapist.


sure, everything is just fine, Apes walking around wearing dildo's is perfectly fine for children to see...


Do you explain that to a 5 year old? Is it uncomfortable for the 5 year old or for YOU? Adults make more out of things that kids do. Kids do not know what is "adult", kids do not know what is uncomfortable, ADULTS make it that way. Sorry, I have never sheltered my kids. Move along , nothing to see here.

Peachy Keen

Sorry LadyDye, but there is too much "adult entertainment" going on that isn't appropriate for children. No one said all bikers are child molesters and rapists, but this event is NOT really a good place to take younger kids. That is not being over-protective. It just means there are simply SOME things that kids do not need to attend since they are adult-oriented.


I have to agree!

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

Thank you, ladydye. Events such as these can very much be kid-friendly without the obvious primary colors, basic shapes, and bouncy castles. As long as you as a parent can provide context for the situations that arise from violence to artifically-endowed gorillas there is no harm to the child as you are teaching them about life. They are learning lessons about what not to do in some cases and getting inspiration from others as they see vendors from many states away smiling and making money working here in their hometown.

If a parent is unable or unwilling to provide context (or wants a totally controlled environment) then I do agree this place must seem like a public toilet seat to a germophobe. But to those who can there are very few other environments in which a child can learn to be observant, react, and see what happens to people with negative habits, positive attitudes, faith, entrepreneurship, etc.

To each their own, I suppose!

But, good my brother,
Do not, as some ungracious pastors do,
Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven,
Whiles, like a puff'd and reckless libertine,
Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads,
And reaks not his own rede.

Hamlet Act 1, scene 3, 46–50


When your 10 year old son sees numerous girls flash their boobs while enjoying it, what context do you use to teach your kid about that? I agree about educating your kids but I don't see any educational value there. Sometimes the fun is meant for adults. Everything is not for kids.

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The Hero Zone

Unexpected things happen in life. Kids who don't know how to react to something (or why) will learn from their parents' reactions. If breasts are an offense to God in the eyes of the parent and they cover the kid's eyes telling them how shameful breasts are that is what they will learn and how they will treat breasts in the future.

If, instead, what happened is explained in the context of the situation the lesson becomes better and the reaction casual and humorous. If you don't want them pursuing that behavior then just explain why. Biker parties are hardly the only place a kid can be taken to see such random expressions of life. Have you been to peopleofwalmart.com?

But do notice I did say that if you as a parent are unable or unwilling to be able to talk to your kids about these things as they happen (not a condemnation of anything, this is me just saying) then yeah don't bring them down. Then you won't have to worry about it. If the Bike Week made reasonable attempts to keep a bouncy castle away from a wet t-shirt contest I'd say that's pretty good and as a parent I couldn't really gripe.

On a humorous note I could suggest the Bike Week combines a bouncy castle with that same contest. Just be sure it's in a clearly-designated area! Heh.

"Ziggy zaggy, ziggy zaggy, hoy-hoy-hoy!"

From the Grave

I thought the real problem with kids today is that their parents leave them to grow up on their own, with the TV as a babysitter...

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When you’re a godless parent, what’s a little more exposure to depravity?

From the Grave

So God only exists when we say He does, or we say we "believe" in Him(thus recognizing His existence)? If we "say" God doesn't exist, then we live in a state of "Godlessness?" Or does God exist even if when we say he doesn't?
I just wanted to clarify that, since that makes it sound like Man created God in HIS image, not the other way around.

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That must be some really good ganja you be smokin’ mon.

From the Grave

I don't smoke anything...but God created that too.


forgottothink, You are a souless human being.


good point


Yea, don't let those kids go around those "bad bikers". Let them go buy a cheap handgun with the serial number filed off, and go "gang banging" with their big brothers!