Huron considers universal trash service

Pick-and-choose system creates logistical mess, officials suggest.
Andy Ouriel
Jun 7, 2014

Huron officials don’t want residents to trash their new plan without first hearing them out.

Council members scheduled a public forum during Tuesday’s meeting to discuss streamlining citywide refuse and recycling services.

Officials contend Huron’s pick-and-choose garbage collection system is far from efficient.

Many of the city’s 3,900 customers — or household units, considered a home or apartment complex — subscribe to one of several plans.

Some customers, for instance, buy multiple 30-gallon bins while others just pay for one. Also, some pay for yard waste services while others don’t.

Huron officials, however, want everyone to subscribe to the same plan, which would cost $200 a year and would consist of people each week receiving:

• About 60-gallons worth of refuse.

• Unlimited curbside recycling.

• Unlimited yard waste pickup.

• Unlimited leaf pickup.

“The most effective way to contain the cost for refuse and recycling is to collectively enforce one level of service that directs everyone’s behavior to the most productive outcome,” Huron city manager Andy White said.

The uniform price of $200 per year won’t increase for those already paying for all these services.

For many others, including those not subscribing to yard waste, they could possibly see their rates increase a bit — from the current rate of $140 a year — if council chooses this new plan.

About half of Huron’s 3,900 customers today don’t have yard waste.

At times, some people who don’t have yard waste deposit their material into bins paid for by others.

“It’s very difficult for the city to enforce this,” White said.

White also argued the new system will be much more efficient.

“It becomes very cost prohibitive to go out with a list on an index card and see who has yard waste and who doesn’t,” White said. He added more yard waste properly disposed of will also comply with federal environmental regulations.

Huron’s the only community fully situated in Erie County to employ a citywide one-hauler system. In Sandusky, for instance, multiple haulers pick up trash.

The city spends roughly $630,000 a year so Clyde-based FSI Disposal can collect trash. Huron then assesses homeowners on water bills to recoup these funds.


AJ Oliver

Sandusky needs this too - badly. Come on city commissioners, do what you know darn well is the right thing.


People living in Condos have a contracted service for maintenance, trash, landscaping, snow removal and recycling. Quit trying to impose service costs on people who are already being responsible citizens and pay for your own.


While it may be the right plan for YOU, not every one wants this.

AJ Oliver

The private haulers in Sandusky had every opportunity to provide good service at a reasonable price. They have not done so.
Look up "rent seeking".


The article states that about half of the people are signed up for yard waste. So they are going to force the other half to pay another $60 a year for a service we don't use? Ridiculous. Another $117,000 in their pockets.


The county can persuade Huron to do anything. If the county ask Huron to jump, Huron would ask how high they should jump. Government should stop mandating everything.

Ralph J.

How is this fair? A large family with a large wooded lot will generate a lot of trash, unlimited curbside recycling,
unlimited yard waste pickup and unlimited leaf pickup and pay $200. A single elderly person generates little trash or recyclables, has a little yard and no trees, hence no yard waste or leaves and also pays $200. Not fair at all to the single elderly person but a super deal for the large family with the large wooded lot.

JD's picture

Much like Obamacare

Darwin's choice



AJ speek for yourself! My trash hauler is excellent!

Julie R.

Every time you turn around they're coming up with some plan to take more money. Huron can go straight to on this one ........ and I'll be there to tell them that.


I had Canfield Hartley for over twenty years. Excellent service. FSI took over, and not at all pleased. Huron needs to look at other city wide provider.

Julie R.

Why does it say unlimited leaf pickup when that's free? At least it has been in the past. They pick up bagged leaves every Monday from September right up until December. As for yard waste ---- that's an extra $20 every quarter.