Motorcyclist flown for medical attention following crash on 250

Road reopened after temporary closure.
Jun 6, 2014


A motorcyclist was transported by medical helicopter this afternoon following a crash with a truck on U.S. 250 at Mason Road.

The motorcycle turned into the rear quarter panel of a pickup truck, according to law enforcement responding to the crash. The truck sustained minor damage, and the truck's driver was not injured.

The motorcyclist appears to have been riding without a passenger, and his condition is not known at this time. It is also unknown at this time where the motorcyclist was transported for medical attention.

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Azure Ray

Prayers that this person is ok. I like a lot of the bikers that come into town, but I saw some driving like crazy today. Lots of unnecessary weaving in and around cars. Be safe out there, folks.

JMOP's picture

I agree. I hope he's doing ok.
I also agree about some crazy driving I've seen today. Three bikers pulled out sitting at the light in the middle of 250 trying to pull into Applebee's. They blocked off oncoming traffic in one lane. Crazy or inconsiderate?


Agree also. I seen some jet from 0 to 70 on Route 250 in a few seconds. They say watch out for bikers. Well bikers should watch out for cars also !!


Is it true there will be numerous DUI checkpoints coming out of downtown tomorrow night?


I agree with some of the other comments. I have no issues at all with Bike Week and think it's good for the area. I have however, seen a more cyclists this year traveling way too fast and not being safe. Never had an issue with motor cycles in past years, but this year seems to have brought some recklessness into town. I hope this person is ok.


Ouch.....u crazy bikers


This story is not right. The paper makes it sound like this accident was the motorcyclist's fault. My husband and I were driving directly behind the motorcyclist on US 250 Eastbound. When we approached the intersection the truck, Westbound, pulled in front of the motorcyclist to enter the Marathon Gas Station. The cyclist was unable to stop in time and hit the truck. It's sad that the cyclist's helmet was strapped to the back of the bike and he was not wearing it. My prayers to the cyclist and the truck driver. We helped the injured cyclist and gave a statement to the police.


Thanks for explaining that mspris. I was looking at the pictures and couldn't understand, after reading the description of it, how the bike had hit where it did. Makes more sense now. Really hope he's ok. And I agree with you that if you're going to have a helmet with you, why not wear it? The bike doesn't need it


He is going to be okay my husband helped at the scene and the man was talking....and answered all the questions correctly